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Mountain Home Burials by Lot Numbers, Block: 6


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Taylor, George N. Birth:7/5/1838 Death:8/23/1916 Interment:8/25/1916 Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:1 President of George W. Taylor's - Fine Clothing for men
Taylor, Eliza C. Birth:5/6/1841 Death:1/6/1904 Interment:1/18/1904 Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:2
Denison, Francis W. Birth:10/1/1854 Death:9/2/1896 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:3 Sexton shows date as 1/1/1900 probably no date entered
Denison, Caroline Birth:2/10/1814 Death:5/17/1902 Interment:5/20/1902 Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:4
Taylor, Francis LeCompt Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:5
Taylor, Katherine Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:12/5/1957 Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:9
Taylor, Edward David Birth:1/2/1873 Death:8/16/1950 Interment:8/21/1950 Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:10 Secretary & Treasurer of G W Taylor & Sons - Nursery Plant
Denison, Francis L.C. Birth:5/15/1816 Death:6/22/1890 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:1 Lot:None
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Abercrombie, Eleanor Hardee Birth:1862 Death:1884 Interment:10/20/1905 Blk:6 Sec:2 Lot:1 Nickname: Ella
Abercrombie, James Birth:1824 Death:1909 Interment:3/8/1909 Blk:6 Sec:2 Lot:3 Ran first Grand Rapids & Indiana Engine into Kalmamazoo Sexton Records shows 3/8/1908
Abercrombie, Andrew Wilson Birth:1865 Death:1907 Interment:12/22/1907 Blk:6 Sec:2 Lot:4 Founder of French Garment Co. Died of a Heart Attack Sexton shows under Willis 43Y
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Parker, John Atherton Birth:1916 Death:1978 Interment:7/6/1978 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:2
Babcock, Lucy Ella Birth:1882 Death:1946 Interment:10/14/1946 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:3 Teacher
Dunkley, Julia Rebecca Babcock Birth:1883 Death:1921 Interment:3/25/1921 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:4
Dunkley, Ida E. Birth:1856 Death:1935 Interment:11/29/1935 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:5
Wing, Genevieve E. Birth:1865 Death:1888 Interment:8/24/1903 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:6
Wing, Catherine S. Wolcott Birth:1830 Death:1886 Interment:8/24/1903 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:7
Wing, Isaac O. Birth:1828 Death:3/25/1905 Interment:3/15/1911 Blk:6 Sec:3 Lot:8 Carpenter Check Military
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Stevens, Jerome P. Birth:1839 Death:2/20/1890 Interment:2/20/1890 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:1 Grocer 50Y 4M
Stevens, Amelia J. Birth:No Date Death:8/16/1922 Interment:8/19/1922 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:2
Hazard, Charles H. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/14/1930 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:3 Roofer and Electrician
Stevens, Lydia A. Birth:No Date Death:12/15/1907 Interment:12/18/1907 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:4
Stevens, Pelick Birth:No Date Death:8/14/1881 Interment:5/14/1881 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:5 Note: Sexton shows May Stone shows August
Stevens, Frank B. Birth:1863 Death:1950 Interment:1/6/1950 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:6
Stevens, Bernice Etta Birth:1873 Death:1944 Interment:4/14/1944 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:7
Shear, Emma J. Birth:1850 Death:1941 Interment:8/6/1941 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:9
Stevens, Henry Albert Birth:1856 Death:1932 Interment:10/26/1932 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:10
Stevens, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:4/29/1899 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:5A
Shear, Lucia Donald Birth:1880 Death:1905 Interment:3/8/1905 Blk:6 Sec:4 Lot:5B
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Prentice, Allen T. Birth:1851 Death:1913 Interment:12/15/1913 Blk:6 Sec:5 Lot:5
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Babcock, John H Birth:No Date Death:2/11/1920 Interment:2/11/1920 Blk:6 Sec:6 Lot:1
Hootman, George Warren Birth:1861 Death:1941 Interment:2/14/1941 Blk:6 Sec:6 Lot:2
Hootman, George W. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:2/14/1920 Blk:6 Sec:6 Lot:3 Traveling Salesman
Hootman, Clara Eliza Richardson Birth:1860 Death:1929 Interment:1/15/1929 Blk:6 Sec:6 Lot:4
Hootman, Dorothy Bowman Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:7/23/1976 Blk:6 Sec:6 Lot:5
Hootman, Paul Richardson Birth:1894 Death:1971 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:6 Lot:None
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Jordan, Lucy Fay Birth:No Date Death:2/18/1892 Interment:2/18/1892 Blk:6 Sec:7 Lot:1
Jordan, Orleans L. Birth:No Date Death:9/24/1887 Interment:9/24/1887 Blk:6 Sec:7 Lot:2 Lawyer
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Sweet, John W. Birth:1815 Death:1881 Interment:1/1/1887 Blk:6 Sec:8 Lot:1 Cutter & Tailor
Sweet, Sarah Maria Birth:1820 Death:1896 Interment:3/14/1896 Blk:6 Sec:8 Lot:2
Sweet , Henry Birth:1843 Death:1866 Interment:1/1/1866 Blk:6 Sec:8 Lot:3 Check Military Records
Sweet, Mary Louise Birth:1853 Death:1912 Interment:1/1/1912 Blk:6 Sec:8 Lot:4
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Crane, Mary P. Birth:1888 Death:1881 Interment:5/9/1981 Blk:6 Sec:9 Lot:2
Crane, Lizzie Prentice Birth:1854 Death:1917 Interment:5/10/1917 Blk:6 Sec:9 Lot:3
Prentice, Harriet A. Birth:1825 Death:1904 Interment:6/6/1904 Blk:6 Sec:9 Lot:4
Prentice, Alonzo Thompson Birth:1826 Death:1907 Interment:1/1/1907 Blk:6 Sec:9 Lot:5 Ticket Agent for M C Railroad & Great Western Railroad Check Military Records
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Groesbeck, Dennison E. Birth:1841 Death:1930 Interment:1/10/1930 Blk:6 Sec:10 Lot:1 Traveling Salesman for Ihling Brothers Everard Co. and Business Manager Binder Dept. Kalamazoo Publishing Co.
Groesbeck, Sarah A. Birth:9/3/1849 Death:10/31/1887 Interment:1/1/1887 Blk:6 Sec:10 Lot:2 Sexton shows 1/1/1887 probably no date was entered
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Wattles, Miles Edwin Birth:5/20/1839 Death:10/30/1910 Interment:11/2/1910 Blk:6 Sec:11 Lot:1 Superintendent for the Div L South & M South Rail Road
Wattles, Eliza A. Birth:1/3/1841 Death:5/8/1889 Interment:5/8/1889 Blk:6 Sec:11 Lot:2 Died when a switch engine hit horse car
Wattles, Harry E Birth:4/6/1862 Death:8/3/1862 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:11 Lot:None
Wattles, Tracy M. Birth:2/3/1868 Death:12/3/1886 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:11 Lot:None
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Clark, Ethan J. Birth:1845 Death:1912 Interment:1/18/1912 Blk:6 Sec:12 Lot:1
Clark, Alice J. Birth:1844 Death:1905 Interment:3/16/1905 Blk:6 Sec:12 Lot:2
Ross, Alice J. Birth:No Date Death:3/16/1905 Interment:3/16/1905 Blk:6 Sec:12 Lot:2
Clark, Victor Saint Clair Birth:1870 Death:1891 Interment:1/13/1891 Blk:6 Sec:12 Lot:3
Clark, George B Birth:1874 Death:1934 Interment:1/19/1934 Blk:6 Sec:12 Lot:4
Clark, Zelma E. Birth:No Date Death:10/31/1961 Interment:10/31/1961 Blk:6 Sec:12 Lot:1A Stenographer for Kalamazoo Corset Co.
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Hill, Anthony S. Birth:1869 Death:1924 Interment:6/26/1924 Blk:6 Sec:13 Lot:2 Manager for William E. Hill & Co. - Saw & Shingle Mill
Shepardson, Willie Birth:1/5/1889 Death:7/28/1890 Interment:7/28/1890 Blk:6 Sec:13 Lot:3
Shepardson, Eva Hill Birth:No Date Death:1/29/1917 Interment:1/31/1917 Blk:6 Sec:13 Lot:5 Sexton shows as Sheperdson
Hill, Sarah Saltzman Birth:1842 Death:1919 Interment:7/9/1919 Blk:6 Sec:13 Lot:8
Hill, William E. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/20/1897 Blk:6 Sec:13 Lot:9 Owner of W E Hill Co. - Saw and Lumber machinery
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Little, Mary Jones Birth:1874 Death:1964 Interment:8/29/1964 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:1
Jones , David Thomas Birth:1868 Death:1955 Interment:4/1/1955 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:2
Jones , Beatrice S. Birth:1891 Death:1964 Interment:1/11/1964 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:3
Jones , Elizabeth E. Birth:1862 Death:1941 Interment:4/29/1941 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:4
Jones , John Robert Birth:1825 Death:1890 Interment:8/29/1890 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:5
Jones , Dina Thomas Birth:1836 Death:1908 Interment:3/2/1908 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:6
Jones , Maxwell G. Birth:10/18/1895 Death:No Date Interment:10/18/1985 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:7 Worked in a Dry Goods Store and Worked for J R Jones & Co. 1st Replacement 75th Medical 1st Sergeant in Detention Camp
Jones , Naomi Elizabeth Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/18/1985 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:8
Jones , Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:6/22/1900 Blk:6 Sec:14 Lot:5A
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Baart, Minnie Birth:11/11/1854 Death:6/23/1905 Interment:7/1/1905 Blk:6 Sec:15 Lot:2 Housewife
Mol, Cornelius Birth:10/25/1882 Death:7/7/1889 Interment:7/7/1889 Blk:6 Sec:15 Lot:3
Mol, Jennie C. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:6/21/1906 Blk:6 Sec:15 Lot:4
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Darling, Rufus H. Birth:1816 Death:1857 Interment:1/1/1857 Blk:6 Sec:16 Lot:1 Abstract Clerk for M C Railroad
Darling, Elizabeth R. Birth:1818 Death:1896 Interment:3/28/1896 Blk:6 Sec:16 Lot:2
Darling, Eva Birth:1852 Death:1853 Interment:1/1/1853 Blk:6 Sec:16 Lot:3
Darling, Emily S. Birth:1852 Death:1918 Interment:4/18/1918 Blk:6 Sec:16 Lot:5 Nickname: Emma
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Kleckner, Cora W. Birth:1870 Death:1962 Interment:11/21/1962 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:1
Kleckner, Warren W Birth:1873 Death:1948 Interment:3/11/1948 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:2
Cory, Allie Loraine Westbrook Birth:1864 Death:1924 Interment:3/10/1924 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:3
Westbrook, Carl W. Birth:3/10/1873 Death:9/24/1890 Interment:9/24/1890 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:4
Westbrook, Anna Wade Birth:1844 Death:1939 Interment:8/5/1939 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:5
Westbrook, Milton Birth:1834 Death:1912 Interment:2/15/1912 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:6 Dentist
Ayers, Beatrice I Birth:No Date Death:9/28/1934 Interment:9/28/1934 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:9
Ayers, Andrus D Birth:No Date Death:3/3/1932 Interment:3/3/1932 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:10 Electrical engineer, electrician and teacher
Ayers, Cynthia A Birth:No Date Death:1/1/1912 Interment:1/1/1912 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:11
Ayers, James S Birth:No Date Death:4/18/1899 Interment:4/18/1899 Blk:6 Sec:17 Lot:12 Physician & Homeopathic and Surgeon
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Neahr, Anne Wells Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/1/1890 Blk:6 Sec:18 Lot:1
Wells, Mary Elizabeth Birth:1832 Death:1901 Interment:11/9/1901 Blk:6 Sec:18 Lot:2
Wells, Carrie Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/11/1946 Blk:6 Sec:18 Lot:3
Bloomer, William S. Birth:No Date Death:7/21/1934 Interment:7/21/1934 Blk:6 Sec:18 Lot:6
Godwin, Hortense B. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/24/1948 Blk:6 Sec:18 Lot:7
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Cady, Edwin P. Birth:1834 Death:1889 Interment:1/1/1889 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:1 Farmer
Cady, Abby M. Birth:1838 Death:1916 Interment:8/22/1916 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:2 Sexton shows as Abbie
Vanderbilt, Anna J. Cady Birth:1869 Death:1930 Interment:2/22/1930 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:3
Vanderbilt, Henry Jennings Birth:1847 Death:1930 Interment:5/10/1930 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:4 Farmer
Vanderbilt, William Henry Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:5/2/1952 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:6
Vanderbilt, Ruth P. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:9/9/1972 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:7
Lynn, Grace VanderBilt Birth:1884 Death:1966 Interment:9/26/1966 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:9
Vanderbilt, Edwin John Birth:1882 Death:1946 Interment:3/16/1946 Blk:6 Sec:19 Lot:10
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Southworth, Randall W. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:3/14/1888 Blk:6 Sec:20 Lot:1
Southworth, Maria L. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:2/15/1910 Blk:6 Sec:20 Lot:2
Southworth, Charles R. Birth:1868 Death:1915 Interment:9/1/1916 Blk:6 Sec:20 Lot:3
Babcock, John Hobart Birth:1858 Death:1920 Interment:2/11/1920 Blk:6 Sec:20 Lot:4
Babcock, Emma J. Southworth Birth:1862 Death:1940 Interment:5/7/1940 Blk:6 Sec:20 Lot:5
Babcock, Gladys Southworth Birth:1889 Death:1918 Interment:7/10/1918 Blk:6 Sec:20 Lot:7
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Baumann, Nicholas J Birth:1890 Death:1960 Interment:1/4/1961 Blk:6 Sec:21 Lot:1 Insurance Agent
Baumann, Delilah E Birth:1900 Death:1969 Interment:10/7/1969 Blk:6 Sec:21 Lot:2
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Baumann, James J Birth:1852 Death:1915 Interment:3/5/1915 Blk:6 Sec:22 Lot:1
Baumann, Catherine Birth:No Date Death:9/28/1889 Interment:9/23/1889 Blk:6 Sec:22 Lot:2 Sexton shows: 9/23/1889 Stone shows: 9/28/1889 63Y
Baumann, Nicholas Birth:No Date Death:4/24/1895 Interment:4/24/1895 Blk:6 Sec:22 Lot:4
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Bennett, Florence Alta Birth:No Date Death:6/6/1957 Interment:6/6/1957 Blk:6 Sec:23 Lot:1
Bennett, Milo Otis Birth:10/31/1883 Death:9/1/1965 Interment:9/1/1965 Blk:6 Sec:23 Lot:3 Lt. and Captain Co. C 342 Infantry WI
Freeland, Emma Alice Fitch Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:3/14/1956 Blk:6 Sec:23 Lot:7
Bennett, Carrie M. Birth:1860 Death:1912 Interment:1/1/1912 Blk:6 Sec:23 Lot:8
Bennett, Hartney A. Birth:No Date Death:11/15/1935 Interment:11/15/1935 Blk:6 Sec:23 Lot:9 Traveling Agent for B Desenburg & Co.
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Jones , Marie Pope Birth:2/23/1821 Death:6/13/1887 Interment:6/13/1887 Blk:6 Sec:24 Lot:6
Jones , John W. Birth:3/27/1823 Death:10/2/1902 Interment:10/5/1902 Blk:6 Sec:24 Lot:7 Farmer
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Peck, Archibald H. Birth:1892 Death:1956 Interment:12/5/1956 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:2
Peck, Margaret P. Birth:1894 Death:1957 Interment:11/14/1957 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:3
Peck, William H. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:7/6/1945 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:4 Financial Secretary for Kalamazoo Building Association, Mason
Peck, Grace Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:8/28/1940 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:5
Dayton, Joan Peck Birth:8/12/1926 Death:4/29/2002 Interment:7/8/2002 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:6
Young, George W. Birth:1854 Death:1910 Interment:11/7/1910 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:7 Books & Stationary
Young, Julia Emma Birth:1864 Death:1943 Interment:4/5/1943 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:8
Lull, Eunice E Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:8/28/1891 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:9
Young, Mildred C. Birth:1888 Death:1955 Interment:4/4/1955 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:10
Peck, William Wallace Birth:7/30/1893 Death:8/24/1981 Interment:6/30/1977 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:11 Mason
Peck, Gretchen H, Birth:7/30/1893 Death:8/24/1981 Interment:8/28/1981 Blk:6 Sec:25 Lot:12
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Sparks, Elmor R. Birth:1851 Death:1924 Interment:10/30/1924 Blk:6 Sec:26 Lot:2 Engineer for Michigan Central Rail Road, Mason Sexton shows as Elmer 80Y
Sparks, Electa Birth:1853 Death:1926 Interment:9/16/1926 Blk:6 Sec:26 Lot:3 Member of Order of the Eastern Star
Mills, Helen Le Roy Briggs Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/13/1924 Blk:6 Sec:26 Lot:7
Aikins, L E Birth:No Date Death:2/24/1900 Interment:2/28/1900 Blk:6 Sec:26 Lot:None Professor in Ohio Died of Paralisys
Akins, Eunice R Birth:No Date Death:6/28/1897 Interment:6/28/1897 Blk:6 Sec:26 Lot:None
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Wight, Henrietta Hodgman Birth:1868 Death:1945 Interment:2/26/1947 Blk:6 Sec:27 Lot:5
Hodgman, Henry Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:9/15/1873 Blk:6 Sec:27 Lot:6
Hodgman, Elizabeth H. Birth:7/21/1802 Death:7/10/1876 Interment:7/10/1876 Blk:6 Sec:27 Lot:7
Hodgman, Henry C. Birth:1841 Death:1907 Interment:1/12/1907 Blk:6 Sec:27 Lot:8 Blacksmith and Horseshoer Purchased Lot
Hodgman, Mary A. Birth:1839 Death:1907 Interment:10/8/1907 Blk:6 Sec:27 Lot:9
Hodgman, Henry Frank Birth:1870 Death:1944 Interment:3/6/1944 Blk:6 Sec:27 Lot:10 Stenographer
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Lane, M Henry Birth:1/1849 Death:1930 Interment:4/25/1930 Blk:6 Sec:28 Lot:5 Director and Vice-President of the Michigan Buggy Company, Stockholder in Comstock Manufacturing Company, owned a 1000 acres in Monterey Township in Allegan County, Seventh Day Adventist
Lane, Ida M. Birth:1858 Death:1945 Interment:4/27/1945 Blk:6 Sec:28 Lot:6
Bardeen, Lucile Lane Birth:1888 Death:1977 Interment:1/11/1978 Blk:6 Sec:28 Lot:7
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Miller, M. B. Birth:2/5/1818 Death:11/5/1896 Interment:11/5/1896 Blk:6 Sec:29 Lot:1
Peck, Emma J. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/1/1888 Blk:6 Sec:29 Lot:3
Peck, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1No Date Blk:6 Sec:29 Lot:6
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Dickinson, Bartlett C. Birth:1/9/1875 Death:9/24/1936 Interment:9/26/1936 Blk:6 Sec:30 Lot:2 President of Standard Paper Co.
Dickinson, Helen L. Birth:12/8/1874 Death:3/4/1905 Interment:3/5/1905 Blk:6 Sec:30 Lot:3
Dickinson, Chase N. Birth:12/8/1837 Death:3/14/1883 Interment:3/14/1983 Blk:6 Sec:30 Lot:4 Sexton shows: 1936 Stone shows: 1893
Dickinson, Ruth Sherman Birth:2/26/1842 Death:8/11/1914 Interment:8/13/1914 Blk:6 Sec:30 Lot:5
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Pitkin, Lafayette Birth:5/18/1848 Death:8/19/1880 Interment:8/18/1880 Blk:6 Sec:31 Lot:1 Stone shows: 8/19/11880 Sexton shows: 8/18/1880
Pitkin, Mary E. Howard Birth:4/4/1817 Death:11/1/1903 Interment:11/3/1903 Blk:6 Sec:31 Lot:2
Pitkin, Joseph Addison Birth:12/31/1860 Death:2/28/1907 Interment:3/2/1907 Blk:6 Sec:31 Lot:3 Sexton shows as Addison J
Pitkin, Eleanor S. Tomlinson Birth:3/3/1867 Death:8/22/1949 Interment:8/29/1949 Blk:6 Sec:31 Lot:4
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Shakespeare, Flora A. Birth:No Date Death:7/8/1896 Interment:7/10/1895 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:1 Stamp Clerk 32Y
Shakespeare, Carrie E Birth:1841 Death:1899 Interment:10/4/1899 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:3
Shakespeare, Andrew J. Birth:1839 Death:1903 Interment:7/19/1903 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:4 Postmaster, Editor & Proprieter for the Kalamazoo Gazette,
Shakespeare, William H. Birth:1863 Death:1939 Interment:4/25/1939 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:6 City Ciruclator for the Kalamazoo Gazette
Taylor, Theophelus Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:5/17/1922 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:7 Butcher and Horse & Harness Furnishing Store
Taylor, Mary Howell Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:8/5/1930 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:8
Taylor, James W. Birth:1856 Death:1941 Interment:2/3/1941 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:10
Taylor, Mary Jane Birth:1864 Death:1942 Interment:10/28/1941 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:11 Stone shows 1942 Sexton shows 1941
Burlington, Pheobe A. Birth:1846 Death:1929 Interment:1/5/1929 Blk:6 Sec:32 Lot:12
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Gilmore, John M. Birth:No Date Death:6/14/1895 Interment:6/16/1895 Blk:6 Sec:33 Lot:1 Part owner of Gilmore Brothers 43Y
Gilmore, Mary Birth:No Date Death:6/9/1891 Interment:6/9/1891 Blk:6 Sec:33 Lot:2 37Y
Gilmore, Jennie M. Birth:7/11/1884 Death:2/24/1954 Interment:3/5/1934 Blk:6 Sec:33 Lot:3 Machinist for Ihling Brothers - Furniture Manufacturer, Laborer - Paper Mill
Gilmore, James F. Birth:1857 Death:1908 Interment:9/20/1908 Blk:6 Sec:33 Lot:6 Founder of the Gilmore Brothers Clothing Store
Upjohn, Carrie Sherwood Gilmore Birth:1866 Death:1953 Interment:10/23/1953 Blk:6 Sec:33 Lot:7
Gilmore, Irving Samual Birth:1900 Death:1986 Interment:1/20/1986 Blk:6 Sec:33 Lot:8
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Boudman, Donna N. Birth:1900 Death:1987 Interment:3/9/1987 Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:1
Boudman, Donald O Birth:1880 Death:1949 Interment:3/3/1949 Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:2 Insurance Salesman, donated the museum mummy
Boudeman, Will A Birth: Death: Interment: Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:3
Boudman, Mary Jane Birth:1847 Death:1926 Interment:2/14/1926 Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:4 Housewife
Boudeman, Dallas Sr. Birth:1846 Death:1925 Interment:4/6/1925 Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:5 Lawyer
Boudman, William Birth:1808 Death:1890 Interment:5/30/1890 Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:6
Boudman, Margaret G. Birth:1825 Death:1898 Interment:4/1/1898 Blk:6 Sec:34 Lot:8 Housewife
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Haines, John W. Birth:1908 Death:1983 Interment:9/16/1983 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:2 Nickname: Jack
French, Mary Haines Birth:1844 Death:1895 Interment:3/3/1895 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:6
French, John W. Birth:1870 Death:1956 Interment:3/3/1956 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:7
Haines, Horace French Birth:1893 Death:1975 Interment:1/29/1975 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:8
Snashall, Ida Louise Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/30/1945 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:8
Haines, Mary French Birth:1868 Death:1962 Interment:3/7/1962 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:9
Haines, Horace G. Birth:1859 Death:1918 Interment:9/4/1918 Blk:6 Sec:35 Lot:10 Bookkeeper, Secretary for Kalamazoo Railroad Velocipede Co., Traveling Salaesman
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Saint Clair, Eleanor Birth:8/10/1807 Death:4/19/1890 Interment:4/19/1890 Blk:6 Sec:36 Lot:6
Kauffer, Henrietta St. Clair Birth:1842 Death:1914 Interment:6/19/1914 Blk:6 Sec:36 Lot:7
Kauffer, Hale Page Birth:1840 Death:1922 Interment:9/2/1922 Blk:6 Sec:36 Lot:8 President of Home Savings Bank, Treasurer Kalamazoo Railway Supply Co., Treasurer Superior Paper Co., Vice President of Bryant Paper Co.
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Smith, Kirk A. Birth:1836 Death:1903 Interment:7/12/1903 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:3
Smith, Eliza A. Birth:1830 Death:1917 Interment:3/20/1917 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:4
Lewis, James B. Birth:1858 Death:1904 Interment:4/7/1904 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:7
Lewis, Ella D. Birth:1861 Death:1937 Interment:4/13/1937 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:8
Smith, Hattie L. Birth:1864 Death:1943 Interment:12/16/1943 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:9 Tailoress
Hammond, Lucy A. Page Birth:No Date Death:8/23/1905 Interment:8/28/1905 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:11
Hammond, Sherman B. Birth:No Date Death:5/14/1886 Interment:5/17/1898 Blk:6 Sec:38 Lot:12 Farmer Stone shows date as 1886 Sexton shows date as '1898 62Y
Section 39                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Hill, Moses Birth:1817 Death:1898 Interment:1/1/1898 Blk:6 Sec:39 Lot:1 Reverand
Hill, Adeline P. Birth:1823 Death:1890 Interment:1/1/1890 Blk:6 Sec:39 Lot:2
Section 40                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Foote, George E. Birth:8/17/1872 Death:10/11/1928 Interment:10/14/1926 Blk:6 Sec:40 Lot:1 Pension Attorney, Secretary for Masonic Temple Association, Notary Public
Foote, Sarah H. Birth:7/27/1871 Death:12/4/1957 Interment:12/16/1957 Blk:6 Sec:40 Lot:2 Sexton: Shows as Daisy
Foote, Melvin L. Birth:5/14/1869 Death:3/5/1890 Interment:1/1/1890 Blk:6 Sec:40 Lot:3 Stenographer Kalamazoo Paper Co. Sexton shows 1/1/1890 possible no date was entered
Foote, Louisa C. Birth:3/9/1845 Death:1/10/1922 Interment:1/13/1922 Blk:6 Sec:40 Lot:4 Nickname: Laura
Foote, Charles E. Birth:9/6/1840 Death:6/5/1909 Interment:6/8/1909 Blk:6 Sec:40 Lot:5 Pension Attorney, Michigan Legislature, Clerk and Special Examiner in the Pension Department in Washington D.C., Assistant to the Board of Appeals in Washington D.C., Special Examiner for Jackson County, Michigan, Member of the State house of Representatives, Chairman to the Committee on Railroads, Chairman for the Committee on Fish and Game, His first vote was cast for President Lincoln in 1864, Original Promoter of the Grand Army Memorial Hall for Kalamazoo and member of the Building Committee on this Soldier in the Civil War and Grand Quarter Master for the Grand Army of the Republic of Michigan, Commander of the Orcutt Post in Kalamazoo Co D 3 NY Cav
Section 42                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Foard, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:6/6/1925 Blk:6 Sec:42 Lot:6
Sonke, Bernard B. Birth:1892 Death:1919 Interment:7/1/1919 Blk:6 Sec:42 Lot:7
Dimoc, Virginia M. Birth:1862 Death:1949 Interment:3/2/1949 Blk:6 Sec:42 Lot:8
Dimoc, Gurdon A. Birth:1859 Death:1916 Interment:3/28/1916 Blk:6 Sec:42 Lot:9 General Agent for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. Sexton shows name as Gordon
Section 43                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Hazard, Albert A. Birth:3/12/1842 Death:1/26/1894 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:43 Lot:1 Cobbler in Boots and Shoes Note: Sexton records show 1/1/1900 Probably no date entered
Hazard, Sarah E. Birth:1844 Death:1918 Interment:11/26/1918 Blk:6 Sec:43 Lot:2
Lane, Mayme Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/29/1952 Blk:6 Sec:43 Lot:4
Knight, Daisy Marie Hazard Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/11/1939 Blk:6 Sec:43 Lot:5
Section 44                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Sherwood, Anna M. Birth:No Date Death:4/24/1889 Interment:4/24/1889 Blk:6 Sec:44 Lot:4
Sherwood, Thomas R. Birth:No Date Death:3/28/1896 Interment:4/1/1896 Blk:6 Sec:44 Lot:5 Lawyer
Sherwood, Lou S. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:5/29/1933 Blk:6 Sec:44 Lot:4A
Section 45                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Crockett, Fred P. Birth:1860 Death:1929 Interment:5/20/1929 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:1 Manager of Star Brass Works 28
Crockett, Henrietta Birth:1862 Death:1914 Interment:6/20/1914 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:2 Nickname: Etta
Crockett, Lewie M. Birth:1885 Death:1962 Interment:11/9/1962 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:3 Architect Upjohn Co. Nickname: Lious
Crockett, John Morton Birth:1912 Death:2000 Interment:7/19/2001 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:4
Morris, David Birth:1912 Death:1985 Interment:4/11/1985 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:5
Snashall, Carlton H. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:2/10/1947 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:7
Wilmott, George D. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:3/26/1910 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:9
Wilmott, Elizabeth Birth:1836 Death:1896 Interment:7/6/1896 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:10
Crockett, Maude L. Birth:1886 Death:1972 Interment:8/17/1972 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:3A
Crockett, Doris Marie Birth:1910 Death:1999 Interment:4/5/1999 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:4A Stone shows middle initial as G.
Morris, Priscilla C. Birth:1914 Death:2005 Interment:1/26/2005 Blk:6 Sec:45 Lot:5A
Section 46                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Bagnall, James I Birth:1859 Death:1896 Interment:12/6/1896 Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:1 Carpenter and Builder
Bagnall, Frances E Birth:1860 Death:1939 Interment:9/6/1939 Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:2 Housewife
Williamson, Robert E. Birth:6/1/1899 Death:10/23/1900 Interment:10/25/1900 Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:3
Williamson, Laura E. Birth:1866 Death:1937 Interment:6/18/1937 Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:4
Williamson, Delia E. Birth:1839 Death:1889 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:5 Note: Sexton shows date as 1/1/1900 Probably no date was entered
Williamson, Robert J. Birth:1838 Death:1911 Interment:11/19/1911 Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:6 Cashier for Kalamazoo Savings Bank, Register of Deeds
Noble, Martha Ann Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/27/1927 Blk:6 Sec:46 Lot:7
Section 47                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Longyear, Moses M. Birth:1830 Death:1872 Interment:1/1/1872 Blk:6 Sec:47 Lot:6
Longyear, Maria M. Birth:1837 Death:1909 Interment:4/4/1909 Blk:6 Sec:47 Lot:7
Longyear, Byron Birth:1868 Death:1882 Interment:1/1/1882 Blk:6 Sec:47 Lot:8
Longyear, Marian I. Birth:1870 Death:1967 Interment:10/6/1967 Blk:6 Sec:47 Lot:9
Section 48                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Parker, Benjamin F. Birth:10/20/1858 Death:4/1/1904 Interment:4/3/1904 Blk:6 Sec:48 Lot:6 Farmer, Clerk for Sheldon and Breese, Studied law for a year abandoned that profession to go into the Real Estate business; Secretary, treasurer and general manager of the Kalamazoo Land Improvement Company, Director of the Kalamazoo Savings Bank
Parker, Matilda Birth:1835 Death:1916 Interment:1/26/1916 Blk:6 Sec:48 Lot:7
Section 49                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Weld, Julia Katherine Lee Birth:11/12/1859 Death: 5/28/1908 Interment:5/31/1908 Blk:6 Sec:49 Lot:1
Severens, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:9/24/1878 Blk:6 Sec:49 Lot:5
Severens, Catharine Birth:10/22/1872 Death:9/19/1959 Interment:9/25/1959 Blk:6 Sec:49 Lot:6
Severens, Henry Franklin Birth:5/11/1838 Death:6/8/1923 Interment:6/11/1923 Blk:6 Sec:49 Lot:7 U S States Circuity Judge, Lawyer
Severens, Sarah Clarissa Birth:10/3/1838 Death:3/3/1900 Interment:3/2/1900 Blk:6 Sec:49 Lot:8 Sexton shows 3/2/1900 Stone shows 3/3/1900 66
Section 50                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Pratt, Elsie Seeyle Birth:1873 Death:1963 Interment:11//9/1963 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:2 Doctor
Pratt, Herbert L. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/9/1963 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:3 Owner of Kalamazoo Celery Co.
Pratt, Lemuel C. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:4/7/1903 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:4 Owner of Kendall Chair Works
Pratt, Melancia B. Birth:1882 Death:1907 Interment:6/27/1907 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:5
Strang, Elizabeth Pratt Birth:1908 Death:1918 Interment:6/25/1940 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:9
Strang, Laura Pratt Birth:1868 Death:1939 Interment:6/25/1940 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:10
Strang, Francis L. Birth:1904 Death:1906 Interment:6/25/1940 Blk:6 Sec:50 Lot:5A
Section 51                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Peck, Helen E. Birth:1848 Death:1922 Interment:4/6/1922 Blk:6 Sec:51 Lot:2
Connable, Alfred Barnes Jr. Birth:1904 Death:1999 Interment:11/20/1999 Blk:6 Sec:51 Lot:3
Connable, Alfred Barnes Sr. Birth:1871 Death:1951 Interment:4/7/1951 Blk:6 Sec:51 Lot:7 Lawyer
Connable, Frances Peck Birth:1872 Death:1929 Interment:12/17/1929 Blk:6 Sec:51 Lot:8
Connable, Horace Peck Birth:1907 Death:1991 Interment:12/2/1991 Blk:6 Sec:51 Lot:9
Section 52                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Benson, Lyman L. Birth:1820 Death:1897 Interment:1/28/1897 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:1 Clerk for the Kalamazoo House
Benson, Maria S. Birth:1826 Death:1871 Interment:1/1/1871 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:2
Benson, Ruth P. Birth:1856 Death:1891 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:3 Sexton shows 1/1/1900 probably due to no date being entered
Benson, Frances M. Birth:1848 Death:1899 Interment:1/3/1899 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:4
Benson, Elizabeth I. Birth:1849 Death:1940 Interment:12/4/1940 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:5
Murphy, Fred L. Birth:1873 Death:1896 Interment:5/27/1896 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:6
Murphy, Sarah E. Green Birth:1851 Death:1906 Interment:6/11/1906 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:7
Green, Clara Birth:1824 Death:1907 Interment:3/12/1907 Blk:6 Sec:52 Lot:8 Dress Maker and Domisticate
Section 53                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Walker, Fred L. Birth:1862 Death:1936 Interment:2/7/1936 Blk:6 Sec:53 Lot:1 Travel Star Paper Co.
Walker, Laura E. Birth:1864 Death:1940 Interment:2/28/1940 Blk:6 Sec:53 Lot:2
Walker, Allie M. Birth:1889 Death:1940 Interment:6/18/1940 Blk:6 Sec:53 Lot:3
Evey, Johnathan Birth:No Date Death:2/4/1901 Interment:2/6/1901 Blk:6 Sec:53 Lot:4 86Y
Evey, Kate Birth:No Date Death:5/20/1894 Interment:5/23/1894 Blk:6 Sec:53 Lot:5 80Y
Section 54                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Hopper, Bertrand Birth:1871 Death:1934 Interment:3/24/1934 Blk:6 Sec:54 Lot:7 Secretary and Treasurer for Kalamazoo Stationary Co.
Hopper, Alta Conger Birth:1874 Death:1964 Interment:6/21/1965 Blk:6 Sec:54 Lot:8 Note: Sexton shows 1965 Stone shows 1964
Conger, Elia M. Birth:1894 Death:1920 Interment:7/26/1926 Blk:6 Sec:54 Lot:10 Teacher Stone: shows 1920 Sexton: Shows 1926
Section 55                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Milham, Donna B. Birth:1896 Death:1987 Interment:8/24/1987 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:4
Milham, Elbert Gray Birth:1893 Death:1950 Interment:12/2/1950 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:5
Milham, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:7/9/1920 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:6
Milham, Fred Harold Birth:1858 Death:1942 Interment:10/24/1942 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:7 Foreman
Milham, Jennie B. Birth:1861 Death:1965 Interment:3/17/1965 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:8
Milham, Donald I. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:9/3/1921 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:9
Milham, Laurence Birth:1890 Death:1891 Interment:10/26/1891 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:10 Sexton shows first name as Laurence
Milham, Laura Birth:1898 Death:1900 Interment:12/15/1900 Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:10A
Milham, Donald Pomeroy Birth:1894 Death:1/4/1918 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:55 Lot:None Killed in Action - Meuse Arconna Co. A 26th Inf 1st Div In Memory
Section 56                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Finch, Georgianna Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/23/1932 Blk:6 Sec:56 Lot:3
Kiesele, Anna B. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/1/1891 Blk:6 Sec:56 Lot:4
Section 57                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Upjohn, Mary Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/1/1888 Blk:6 Sec:57 Lot:3
Upjohn, Rachel B. Birth:1856 Death:1905 Interment:7/6/1905 Blk:6 Sec:57 Lot:4
Section 58                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Clarage, Olive I. Birth:1889 Death:1976 Interment:8/11/1976 Blk:6 Sec:58 Lot:6
Clarage, Harry Randall Birth:1889 Death:1959 Interment:1/9/1960 Blk:6 Sec:58 Lot:7
Clarage, Ella M. Birth:1860 Death:1903 Interment:10/18/1903 Blk:6 Sec:58 Lot:8
Clarage, Charles Birth:1860 Death:1942 Interment:2/9/1942 Blk:6 Sec:58 Lot:9 Owner of the Bird Windmill Co.
Clarage, Bertha I Birth:1878 Death:1939 Interment:7/6/1939 Blk:6 Sec:58 Lot:10
Section 59                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Condee, William B Birth:No Date Death:7/16/1914 Interment:7/16/1914 Blk:6 Sec:59 Lot:1
Swingley, Willoughby S. Birth:1855 Death:1902 Interment:10/26/1902 Blk:6 Sec:59 Lot:8 76 Y
Swingley, George C Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/19/1919 Blk:6 Sec:59 Lot:9
Section 60                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Fletcher, Charles A. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:9/8/1931 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:1 Physican and Medical Attendent for Kalamazoo Medical & Surgical Sanatarium, Physician for Hygeia Sanatarium
Fletcher, Alice A Arnold Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:3/11/1942 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:2 Treasurer & Matron for Kalamazoo Medical & Surgical Sanatarium
Church, Mazie M. Birth:1893 Death:1980 Interment:10/17/1980 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:3
Church, Grant Monroe Birth:11/3/1894 Death:1990 Interment:10/29/1990 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:4 Clerk for American Express and Worked in the Order of Lull Carriage Co. Pvt. 10 Infantry Co. L WW1
Fletcher, Charles M. Birth:11/12/1822 Death:4/19/1900 Interment:4/22/1900 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:5 Carpenter, Contractor, farmer Check Military Records
Fletcher, Pheobe C. Birth:10/4/1824 Death:2/13/1907 Interment:2/16/1907 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:6
Church, Mary F. Birth:1848 Death:1914 Interment:8/19/1914 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:7
Church, Stephen O. Birth:1844 Death:1918 Interment:5/10/1918 Blk:6 Sec:60 Lot:8 Bookkeeper for Phelps and Bigelow Windmill Co., and the Globe Casket Co.
Section 61                    << NEW SEARCH>>
McCrea, Franklin Birth:7/26/1855 Death:9/24/1892 Interment:9/24/1892 Blk:6 Sec:61 Lot:3
McCrea, Anette E. Birth:No Date Death:9/20/1928 Interment:9/21/1928 Blk:6 Sec:61 Lot:4
Birge, Mary Taylor Birth:1873 Death:1953 Interment:2/19/1953 Blk:6 Sec:61 Lot:8
Birge, Claire Taylor Birth:1888 Death:1906 Interment:1/24/1906 Blk:6 Sec:61 Lot:9
Birge, Warren Edgar Birth:1855 Death:1916 Interment:4/14/1917 Blk:6 Sec:61 Lot:10 Pharmacist for F. B. Drolet Sexton shows: 1917 Stone shows: 1916
Larimar, Euena McCrea Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/20/1956 Blk:6 Sec:61 Lot:4A
Section 62                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Osborne, Unknown Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:1
Osborne, Orville M. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/20/1913 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:2
Osborne, David Winthop Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/17/1917 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:3 Secretary & Treasurer for C H Dutton Co.
Osborne, Mary Olive Birth:1871 Death:1904 Interment:11/12/1904 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:5
Osborne, Paige Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/12/1904 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:5
Osborn, James Whitehill Birth:1843 Death:1914 Interment:4/7/1914 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:6 Farmer Sexton shows last name as Osborne
Osborn, Augusta Cornell Birth:1846 Death:1901 Interment:3/20/1901 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:7 Sexton shows last name as Osborne
Hall, Edith Osborn Birth:1873 Death:1952 Interment:7/28/1952 Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:9
Hall, Robert Carson Birth:1875 Death:1936 Interment: Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:10
Osborne, David C. Birth:1830 Death:1912 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:None Rev.
Osborne , Arvilla M Hill Birth:1837 Death:1913 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:62 Lot:None
Section 63                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Pierson, George S. Birth:1854 Death:1951 Interment:1/2/1952 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:1 Miller, Farmer & Civil Engineer Green be the Turf above thee
Pierson, Ruth Hope Birth:1868 Death:1942 Interment:12/24/1942 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:2
Benedict, Mary Osborn Birth:1845 Death:1923 Interment:10/8/1923 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:5 Housewife
Osborn, Harris B. Birth:1840 Death:1916 Interment:10/10/1916 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:6 Physician & Surgeon Check Military Sexton shows last name as Osborne
Osborne, Annett Jane Ames Birth:1845 Death:1913 Interment:10/31/1913 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:7
Osborne, Donald P. Birth:1877 Death:1934 Interment:4/30/1934 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:8 Physician & Surgeon
Osborne, Mable Hosking Birth:1880 Death:1920 Interment:8/7/1920 Blk:6 Sec:63 Lot:10
Section 64                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Ryder, Joseph M. Birth:1817 Death:1893 Interment:11/3/1893 Blk:6 Sec:64 Lot:1 Cistern Builder, Mason
Ryder, Catherine Birth:1826 Death:1895 Interment:9/19/1898 Blk:6 Sec:64 Lot:2 Sexton shows: 1898 Stone shows: 1895
Ryder, Rose E. Birth:1868 Death:1939 Interment:3/13/1939 Blk:6 Sec:64 Lot:3
Ryder, James William Birth:1868 Death:1924 Interment:12/8/1924 Blk:6 Sec:64 Lot:4 Clerk for Conrad William
Section 65                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Vandyke, George Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:65 Lot:3
Section 66                    << NEW SEARCH>>
White, Maude L. Birth:1876 Death:1949 Interment:5/27/1949 Blk:6 Sec:66 Lot:1
White, Albert S. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/27/1916 Blk:6 Sec:66 Lot:2 Banker
White, Eleanora Harriet Birth:1844 Death:1924 Interment:5/31/1927 Blk:6 Sec:66 Lot:3 Sexton shows as Harriet Eleanor
White, Edna May Birth:1877 Death:1953 Interment:11/28/1953 Blk:6 Sec:66 Lot:4
Bates, Barbara Whites Birth:7/21/1915 Death:1/27/1972 Interment:1/29/1972 Blk:6 Sec:66 Lot:5
Section 67                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Beebe, Bessie L. Birth:1856 Death:1923 Interment:5/26/1923 Blk:6 Sec:67 Lot:2
Beebe, William R. Birth:1853 Death:1932 Interment:11/18/1932 Blk:6 Sec:67 Lot:3 Farmer and Thresher
Section 68                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Jones , Carrie Edith Birth:1867 Death:1897 Interment:6/22/1897 Blk:6 Sec:68 Lot:3
Jones , Owen C. Birth:No Date Death:1897 Interment:6/22/1900 Blk:6 Sec:68 Lot:4
Miller, Patrcia J. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:7/22/1977 Blk:6 Sec:68 Lot:5
Jones , William Owen Birth:1865 Death:1937 Interment:7/31/1937 Blk:6 Sec:68 Lot:6 President of J R Jones & Co. - Dry Goods
Jones , Winifred Peake Birth:1872 Death:1928 Interment:5/16/1928 Blk:6 Sec:68 Lot:7
Section 69                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Sill, Ann Eliza Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:12/1/1898 Blk:6 Sec:69 Lot:3
Sill, Joseph Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:4/25/1905 Blk:6 Sec:69 Lot:4 Physician & Surgeon
Sprague, Della Birth:1858 Death:1940 Interment:1/2/1940 Blk:6 Sec:69 Lot:7
Sprague, Herbert Foster Birth:1875 Death:1930 Interment:2/6/1930 Blk:6 Sec:69 Lot:8
Sprague, Adelaide Birth:1836 Death:1892 Interment:1/1/1892 Blk:6 Sec:69 Lot:9
Sprague, Johnathan Adolphus Birth:1833 Death:1912 Interment:1/1/1912 Blk:6 Sec:69 Lot:10 Pastor of Methodist Church
Section 70                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Davis, George Carl Birth:1878 Death:1935 Interment:3/5/1935 Blk:6 Sec:70 Lot:5
Whiting, Baby Girl Birth:No Date Death:9/14/1917 Interment:6/11/1918 Blk:6 Sec:70 Lot:7
Davis, Baby Boy Birth:No Date Death:11/19/1882 Interment:9/2/1908 Blk:6 Sec:70 Lot:8
Davis, Annette M. Lewis Birth:1848 Death:1931 Interment:2/26/1931 Blk:6 Sec:70 Lot:10
Section 71                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Milham, Frances A. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/12/1898 Blk:6 Sec:71 Lot:2
Milham, Frank Hickman Birth:4/25/1864 Death:1921 Interment:5/30/1921 Blk:6 Sec:71 Lot:3 Secretary and Manager of the Bryant Paper Co., Secretary and Director of Superior Paper Co., President and Director of the Imperial Coating Co, President of the Kalamazoo Railroad Supply Co., President and Director of the Illinois Envelope Co., Otsego Villiage Council President, Member of the Kalamazoo Board of Education,
Milham, Elizabeth J. Birth:1866 Death:1948 Interment:4/16/1948 Blk:6 Sec:71 Lot:4
Bryant, Priscilla A Birth:No Date Death:3/14/1899 Interment:3/14/1899 Blk:6 Sec:71 Lot:6
Bryant, Noah Birth:1//3/1844 Death:1922 Interment:5/8/1922 Blk:6 Sec:71 Lot:8 Worked for the Kalamazoo Paper mill and founded the Bardeen Paper Mill, Founder and President of the Bryant Paper Mill
Section 72                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Reynolds, James W. C. Birth:1892 Death:1922 Interment:6/28/1922 Blk:6 Sec:72 Lot:8
Section 73                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Wallace, Winifred K. Birth:1879 Death:1954 Interment:1/5/1954 Blk:6 Sec:73 Lot:2
Dewing, William S. Birth:1845 Death:1929 Interment:3/12/1929 Blk:6 Sec:73 Lot:3 Part owner of Dewing & Sons and Sash, Blind, and Door Manufacturer
Powers, Julie W. Birth:1862 Death:1950 Interment:7/17/1950 Blk:6 Sec:73 Lot:4
Dewing, Caroline Woodford Birth:9/29/1855 Death:7/7/1942 Interment:7/10/1942 Blk:6 Sec:73 Lot:6A
Section 74                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Brown, Edward S. Birth:1840 Death:1905 Interment:8/18/1905 Blk:6 Sec:74 Lot:1
Brown, Emma M. Lewis Birth:1842 Death:1921 Interment:9/25/1921 Blk:6 Sec:74 Lot:2 Teacher and Tailor
Garrett, Myrtle E. Birth:1865 Death:1957 Interment:12/28/1957 Blk:6 Sec:74 Lot:3 59 Y
Garrett, Charles H. Birth:1862 Death:1936 Interment:12/28/1936 Blk:6 Sec:74 Lot:4 Bookkeeper for Rhodes and Dean, Manager with South West Faxon
Ryall, Donald G. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:11/26/1941 Blk:6 Sec:74 Lot:5
Section 75                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Kingsley, Chandler Birth:1819 Death:1893 Interment:11/10/1893 Blk:6 Sec:75 Lot:1 Farmer
Kingsley, Charlotte A. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:3/23/1907 Blk:6 Sec:75 Lot:2
Section 76                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Penniman, John Havens Birth:1883 Death:1957 Interment:9/25/1958 Blk:6 Sec:76 Lot:1
Penniman, Ethel Everard Birth:1884 Death:1963 Interment:8/15/1963 Blk:6 Sec:76 Lot:2
Penniman, James Birth:7/12/1912 Death:12/21/1920 Interment:12/23/1920 Blk:6 Sec:76 Lot:3 Nickname: Jimmy
Penniman, Millicent Vereleman Birth:7/10/1908 Death:10/1/1998 Interment:10/23/1998 Blk:6 Sec:76 Lot:5
Section 77                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Case, Eleanor Jones Birth:1863 Death:1931 Interment:4/25/1931 Blk:6 Sec:77 Lot:2
Case, Ward Hubbard Birth:1864 Death:1938 Interment:6/22/1938 Blk:6 Sec:77 Lot:3
Stevens, Edward James Birth:No Date Death:1/19/1947 Interment:5/27/1947 Blk:6 Sec:77 Lot:4
Stevens, Katherine Jones Birth:No Date Death:9/1/1945 Interment:9/18/1945 Blk:6 Sec:77 Lot:4A Check Military Records
Section 78                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Hubbell, Frank Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/27/1894 Blk:6 Sec:78 Lot:1
Burtt, Maud Hubbell Birth:No Date Death:11/18/1910 Interment:11/18/1910 Blk:6 Sec:78 Lot:2
Hubbell, Emma Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:78 Lot:4
Hubbell, Alonzo Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:5/9/1894 Blk:6 Sec:78 Lot:5
Section 79                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Pratt, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:10/10/1908 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:1
Pratt, Evelina K. Birth:1881 Death:1974 Interment:8/9/1974 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:4
Pratt, Glen J. Birth:1876 Death:1952 Interment:6/27/1952 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:5
Spieckerman, Alma F. Birth:1/1/1893 Death:6/5/1987 Interment:6/29/1987 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:6 Army Nurse WWI
Ketchum, Marian E. Birth:9/2/1907 Death:7/18/1992 Interment:9/22/1992 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:7
Ketchum, Richard R. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:12/22/2000 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:8 Capt. In the Navy was shot down during WWII, he carried Paratroopers across th Rhine
Ketchum, Marian Anna Birth:1884 Death:1908 Interment:5/25/1908 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:9
Ketchum, Sidney R. Sr. Birth:1879 Death:1936 Interment:1/18/1936 Blk:6 Sec:79 Lot:10
Section 80                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Burkham, Cassius Clay Jr. Birth:1878 Death:1906 Interment:6/1/1907 Blk:6 Sec:80 Lot:1 Stone shows 1906 Sexton shows: 1907 Sexton shows last name as Burkham
Burkam, Anna H Birth:1849 Death:1885 Interment:1/1/1885 Blk:6 Sec:80 Lot:2 Sexton shows last name as Berkham
Burkam, Cassius Clay Sr Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:5/27/1927 Blk:6 Sec:80 Lot:3 Sexton shows last name as Berkham
Section 81                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Prouty, William Andrew Birth:5/6/1839 Death:4/18/1906 Interment:10/19/1914 Blk:6 Sec:81 Lot:1 Stone shows: 4/18/1906 Sexton shows: 10/19/1914
Prouty, Sarah Frances Birth:12/10/1842 Death:11/4/1913 Interment:10/19/1914 Blk:6 Sec:81 Lot:2 Sexton shows: 10/19/1913 Stone shows: 11/4/1913
Section 82                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Fraser, John Sexton Birth:8/27/1917 Death:6/25/1959 Interment:6/27/1959 Blk:6 Sec:82 Lot:7
Fraser, Jacqueline Edel Osborne Birth:7/10/1912 Death:5/19/1995 Interment:5/24/1995 Blk:6 Sec:82 Lot:8
Osborn, Myra E. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:6/6/1956 Blk:6 Sec:82 Lot:9
Osborn, Donald C. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:12/19/1928 Blk:6 Sec:82 Lot:10 Lawyer with Osborn & Mills
Pearson, Elise Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:12/20/1974 Blk:6 Sec:82 Lot:12
Section 83                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Capen, Charles C. Birth:1836 Death:1903 Interment:5/10/1903 Blk:6 Sec:83 Lot:2 Millinery and Fancy Goods
Capen, Rosamond R. Birth:1838 Death:1910 Interment:12/8/1910 Blk:6 Sec:83 Lot:3
Bush, Frank A. Birth:1858 Death:1909 Interment:10/6/1909 Blk:6 Sec:83 Lot:5
Bush, Frederick Capen Birth:1895 Death:1912 Interment:2/14/1912 Blk:6 Sec:83 Lot:6
Duerr, Rosamond Capon Bush Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:9/10/1919 Blk:6 Sec:83 Lot:7
Section 84                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Ihling, Walter E. Birth:7/31/1889 Death:1958 Interment:4/5/1958 Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:1 Salesman of Woodpulp for Ihling Brother Sr. Inspector for Air Craft Project WWI
Ransom, Allen Northup Birth:1912 Death:1984 Interment:5/3/1984 Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:4 83Y
Ransom, Esther J Birth:1911 Death:1974 Interment:12/11/1974 Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:5
Ransom, Woodbury Birth:1873 Death:1925 Interment:8/27/1925 Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:6 Vice President of the Globe Casket Co., Treasurer for Phelps & Bigelow Windmill Co.
Halford, Lillian I. Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:8/11/1975 Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:10
Ransom, Baby Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:4/10/1940 Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:9A
Ransom, Lillian J. Birth:1882 Death:1975 Interment:No Date Blk:6 Sec:84 Lot:None
Section 85                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Eaton, Dan Holton Birth:1879 Death:1926 Interment:4/14/1926 Blk:6 Sec:85 Lot:6 Physician and Surgeon
Eaton, Frances Dewey Birth:1888 Death:1941 Interment:6/17/1941 Blk:6 Sec:85 Lot:7
Eaton, John Holton Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:6/17/1941 Blk:6 Sec:85 Lot:8
Wilbur, Edward C. Birth:1901 Death:1993 Interment:10/12/1993 Blk:6 Sec:85 Lot:9
Wilbur, Francis K. Birth:1903 Death:1992 Interment:3/30/1992 Blk:6 Sec:85 Lot:10
Section 86                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Mehaffie, Lucille Wigginton Birth:1903 Death:1904 Interment:5/5/1994 Blk:6 Sec:86 Lot:2
Wigginton, George Peter Birth:1875 Death:1930 Interment:7/22/1930 Blk:6 Sec:86 Lot:3 Secretary & General Manager Kalamazoo Loose Leaf Binder Co.
Wigginton, Margaret Bell Heasley Birth:1882 Death:1945 Interment:5/18/1945 Blk:6 Sec:86 Lot:4
Heasley, Homer P. Birth:1908 Death:1921 Interment:9/26/1921 Blk:6 Sec:86 Lot:5 Sexton: Show last name as Wigginton
Section 87                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Shillito, Mary Hopkins Birth:1868 Death:1901 Interment:1/3/1962 Blk:6 Sec:87 Lot:2
Shillito, Fredrick Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:1/10/1929 Blk:6 Sec:87 Lot:3 Physician & Surgeon
Shillito, Evelyn St. John Birth:1911 Death:1998 Interment:8/6/1999 Blk:6 Sec:87 Lot:4A
Section 88                    << NEW SEARCH>>
King, Helen R. Birth:1896 Death:1982 Interment:10/4/1982 Blk:6 Sec:88 Lot:1
King, Merrill B. Birth:5/21/1890 Death:1933 Interment:1/1/1934 Blk:6 Sec:88 Lot:2 Asst. Manager Rex Paper Co. Cadet Avaition WW1
King, Alice Bryant Birth:1863 Death:1923 Interment:6/23/1923 Blk:6 Sec:88 Lot:3 Teacher at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary
King, John Ralston Birth:1921 Death:1949 Interment:12/30/1949 Blk:6 Sec:88 Lot:6
Perry , Merrie King Birth:1924 Death:1970 Interment:12/14/1970 Blk:6 Sec:88 Lot:7
Section 89                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Fairchild, Jane Margaret Birth:1914 Death:1923 Interment:4/10/1923 Blk:6 Sec:89 Lot:2
Fairchild, Roland James Birth:No Date Death:No Date Interment:6/4/1942 Blk:6 Sec:89 Lot:4 Machinist for Humprey Products
Section 14N                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Ranney, John C. Birth:2/28/1885 Death:11/20/1965 Interment:11/23/1965 Blk:6 Sec:14N Lot:6
Section 37N                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Ranney, William Birth:182? Death:1875 Interment: Blk:6 Sec:37N Lot:4
Section 37N2/5                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Ranney, Joseph A. Birth:No Date Death:12/6/1891 Interment:12/6/1891 Blk:6 Sec:37N2/5 Lot:3 Minister and Proprieter for Augusta House
Ranney, Sophira M. Birth:8/20/1829 Death:5/31/1889 Interment:5/31/1889 Blk:6 Sec:37N2/5 Lot:4 Sexton shows first name as Sophia
Ranney, Wealthy A Birth:11/15/1829 Death:2/2/1875 Interment:2/2/1875 Blk:6 Sec:37N2/5 Lot:5
Section 37S 3/5                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Thompson, Edwin B. Birth:2/4/1831 Death:3/24/1888 Interment:3/24/1888 Blk:6 Sec:37S 3/5 Lot:1
Thompson, Helen E. Birth:5/21/1838 Death:1/5/1917 Interment:1/8/1917 Blk:6 Sec:37S 3/5 Lot:2
Thompson, Helen M. Birth:10/30/1864 Death:3/21/1921 Interment:3/24/1921 Blk:6 Sec:37S 3/5 Lot:3
Thompson, Susan Louise Birth:4/16/1876 Death:1/15/1959 Interment:4/7/1959 Blk:6 Sec:37S 3/5 Lot:3A
Hanscomb, Annie S. Thompson Birth:8/19/1869 Death:8/5/1961 Interment:8/17/1962 Blk:6 Sec:37S 3/5 Lot:4A Stone shows date as 1961 Sexton shows date as '1962
Section 41N                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Pitz, Katherine B. Birth:1881 Death:1928 Interment:7/5/1928 Blk:6 Sec:41N Lot:2 Sexton shows last name as Pitts
Pitz, Henry C. Birth:1857 Death:1929 Interment:4/27/1929 Blk:6 Sec:41N Lot:3 Sexton shows last name as Pitts
Pitz, Louise Birth:1857 Death:1934 Interment:11/2/1934 Blk:6 Sec:41N Lot:4
Ranney, Olga Pitz Birth:3/11/1885 Death:4/25/1961 Interment:5/1/1961 Blk:6 Sec:41N Lot:5
Section 41S                    << NEW SEARCH>>
Zwisler, James Birth:1827 Death:1906 Interment:10/17/1906 Blk:6 Sec:41S Lot:1
Zwisler, Lydia L. Birth:1832 Death:1907 Interment:1/28/1907 Blk:6 Sec:41S Lot:2
Zwisler, Margaret Crawford Birth:1867 Death:1923 Interment:7/18/1923 Blk:6 Sec:41S Lot:3
Zwisler, Arthur L. Birth:1865 Death:1932 Interment:2/8/1932 Blk:6 Sec:41S Lot:4 Worker with General Gas Light Co.