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Death Index M        --Kalamazoo County


Mac (See also Mc)        MacDonald

Mad to Mak

Mal-Mam-Man to Map*

Mar        Martens-Maartens??        Martin-Marten

Mas-Mat        Mason

Mau to May-Maz        Mayers-Meyers


McC (See also Mac)**

McD        McDonald & McDonnald



McH to McK


McN to McZ

Mea to Mee"        Mead-Meade

Mef to Mek        Meier-Meyer        Mel-Mem-Men to Meq*

Mer        Merrill-Merrell

Mes to Mey-Mez

Mia to Mie

Mif to Mik        Milham-Mileham        Millem-Millham        Miller-Millar & Millers**        Mill-Mills

Mil-Mim-Min to Miq        Minar-Miner & Minor        Mir

Mis-Mit to Miz        Mitchell-Mitchel & Mitchill

Moa to Mom

Mon-Moo & Mop        Monroe        Moore-More

Mor        Morgan        Morrison        Morse-Morris & Morriss        Moshier-Mosher        Mosier-Moser

Mos-Mot to Moz        Moyer

Mua to Mul        Mulder

Mum-Mun to Muz        Munger        Murphy-Murphey        Murray-Murry

My Myers-Myres & Myer

Odd M not classified