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About the Kalamazoo Public Library 3 x 5" Vital Record File

        These pictures are from a collection consisting of over 30,000 3x5" cards kept in 29 drawers at the Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo Michigan. They consist of an eclectic mix of vital records gleamed from church, biographical, newspaper, cemetery, genealogical, and early county records. For the most part they were typed in the 1930s with some Kalamazoo Gazette listings in the 1940s.
       The pics were photographed in 2005-6 using a personal digital camera. The originals are inverted 500K photos. Here they have been rotated 180 degrees, cropped, and squeezed. Different camera settings, light locations, and evolving photo techniques resulted in the present varying results. Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) was used to assist in creating the database though often it was of little use with the old typewriters. DO NOT RELY ON THE OCR DATA--view the actual image. Anyone willing to correct the data on the 30,000 cards is welcome. The original alphabetical sequence is continued here despite misplaced cards.
        Copyright:    The Kalamazoo Public Library claims copyright of the images.
              All work creating this database was by Joe Ferrara.
I would like to thank Dr. William L. Landrum of Detroit MI who wrote software for me to create HTML files from a driver file. Thanks Bill!

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