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Ibbotson, George William B. Jul 15,1867 Sheffield Eng. M. Mar. 30,1890 Sheffield Eng. D. April 3,1943 Kalamazoo Kal.Gtt. 4-3-43 11:3 4-4-43 30:5
Ibbotson, Mary B. Mar 17,1869 Sheffield Eng. M. George W. D. Jan. 23,1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 1-24-44 11:5
Ickes, Ernest E. B. M. D. Jan. 2, 1945 Ann Arbor Kal. Gaz. 1-5-45 11:7
Ickes, Laura B. Cheboygan I. Ernest D. 2-S-42,Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-9-42;5:7
Ide, A. J. Kal. July 3, 1858 Rel. Drowned. c.r.-3
Ide, Alonzo C. * Co. C, 2nd Mich. Inft. bur. at Yorkville, Ross Co. No dates. C-12
Ide, Daniel B. Climax 1905 Climax 75y b. 1830 C-8
Ide, Frankie s. D. & A. Ide 1870 Climax lOy His parents lived in what we called the "Ide Building", and had a store there. C-8
Ide, Jessee Feb.6,1856 Greenville, Ill. 24 yrs. N.R.I, 2-22-56
Ide, John Climax 1885 Climax 78y b. 1807 C-8
Ide, Margarite Climax 1894 Climax 84y b. 1810
Ide, Nathaniel July 1, 1863 Yorkville 56y llm 24d C-12
Ide, Paula Sue B. Feb. 9, 1938; Kalamazoo D. August 11, 1944; Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-12-44 3:3
Ihling, Otto R. and Pauline Kleinstuck, dau. Carl Gotthold'& aToline (Hubbard)Kleinstuck, Kalamazoo. BR-1 -11
Ihling, Alma E. and Clarence B. Cone c.r.-6
Ihling, Alma Eva Kal. Jan. 7, 1877 Christened Easter Sun., 1894. c.r.-6
Ihling, Arno Philip Kal. Jan. 30, 1881 Christened Easter Sun., 1894. c.r.-6
Ihling, Carl William Kal. Nov.27, 1878 Christened Easter Sun., 1894. c,r.-6
Ihling, Elsie and Maurice James Bristol
Ihling, Frederica and Ferdinand Smith
Ihling, Lillian Kal, Dec.20, 1882 Christened Easter Sun., 1894.
Ihling, Otto s. William & Charlotte (Seseman) Ihling & Margaret Claesgens Feb. 25, 1873 Kalamazoo HA-12
Ihling, Otto s. William & Charlotte (Seseman) Ihling Dec. 3, 1846 Germany, Saxon Weimer Tiefenort Came to Kal. Co., March, 1869, from Milwaukee Wis., steamboat to Chicago,Mich.Central to Kal.; Engaged in binding, printing, stationary and regalia manufac
Ihling, Paul Kal. Jan. 4, 1885 Christened Easter Sun., 1894. c. r.-6
Ihling, Reinhold Anton Seseman Kal. June 27, 1874 Christened Easter Sun., 1894. c.r.-6
Ihling, Walter K. July 31, 1889 Christened Easter Sun., 1894. c.r.-6
Iles, Harry Grover B. Aug. 11,1884 Bloomingville,Ohio Florence D. Aug. 29,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-29-45 8:2. 8-30-45 8:5 II
Ilgenfritz, Frederick M. B. June 10, 1879 Monroe M. Carrie Baker D. Nov. 15, 1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-15-44 1:3 & 2:6 11-17-44 13:8
Ilgenfritz, Wilber L. B. M. Alice D.Jun 7,1942 Monroe Kal. Gaz. 6-10-42 8:1
Illick, Fred Nov. 4, 1885 Galesburg 7mo 18d C-6
Illick, Myrtle 1873 Galesburg 4mo C-6
Iman, Orla B. Mar.5,1878 Cambridge Ill. M. Ruth ? D. Mar. 12,1942 Kalamazoo Kal Gaz. -12-42 9:7
Imerzel See: Immerzeel c.r.-7
Immerzeel, Maartje den Bleyker Mrs. w. Pieter Immerzeel, Kal. Jan. 9, 1906 Kal. b. Sept. 1819; joined let Ref. Oh. Kal. June , 1884, by certificate. .-7
Imus, Henry and Jennie Qua, Galesburg Nov. 3,1870 Galesburg Rev. W. Day At residence of bride's father. Galesburg N.P.2, 11-15-70
Ingersoll, Clarence Portage, Mich. and Millie P. Marsh, Portage, Mich. Feb.10, 1875 Portage Rev. S.N.Griffith at red. of bride's father; witnesses: Sam'l. Marsh, Meati Marsh and others. He: b. Portage, Mich.; farmer; 20y She: b. Portage, Mich. 19y c. r.-1
Ingersoll, David July 13, 1859 -77y bur. Maple Grove cem., Comstock Twp. Nor -10
Ingersoll, Frances 1848 2y bur. Maple Grove cem., Comstock Twp. C-10
Ingersoll, Helen P. 1857 17y bur. Maple Grove cem., Comstock Twp. Died Aug. 1857; joined 1st Bap. Ch. Mar.16, 1856.* C-10 c.r.-3*
Ingersoll, Lena E. and Wilkins. She joined 1st Bap. Ch., Kal., Apr. 3, 1871, by baptism. c.r.-3
Ingersoll, Lydia Ral Mar. 1855 Rel.
Ingersoll, Norman 1863 17y bur. Maple Grove cern., Comstock Twp. C-10
Ingersoll, Oscar F. Portage and Margaret N. Dodgeson, Portage Jan.15,1846 Kalamazoo R. Wood, Esq. N.R.3, 1-24-46
Ingersoll, Rachel and Jacob Carlton Oct. 17, 1837
Ingersoll, Ross 1877 29y bur. Maple Grove cern., Comstock Twp. "Ross A. Ingersoll was buried from this churcl oday, Dr. Hodge, L.M. Hunt and Mr. Miller officating."-Minutes of 1st Bap.Ch.Kal, Feb. 23,1877! C-10 . r. -3*
Ingersoll, Samuel Portage Sarah Ann Dodgson, Portage Sent. 18,1843 D. Cahill, Esq. End. N.R.I, 9-22-43
Ingersoll, William Henry R. April 21, 1947 M. D. June 12,1947 Kml. Gaz. 6-13-L7 15:3
Ingersoll, Zilpha Mar. 22, 1851 74y bur. Maple Grove cem., Comstock Twp. C-10
Ingerson, A. W. Vicksburg Sept. 2, 1877 38y bur. Lot 22, R.1, c-18 (Dr.) -18
Ingerson, Alonzo 1892 W.Uooper 72y b. 1820 C-1
Ingerson, Burr 1887 W. Cooper lay b. 1869 C-1
Ingerson, Theodosie 1865 W. Cooper 41y b. 1824 c-1
Ingles,Jean Ann B. Infant D. July 23,1942 Talamazoo Kal. Gaz. 7-24-42 4:6
Ingold, Ida N. and Garrison. Before her marriage, she joined 1st Bap.Ch. Kal. Mar. 8, 1885, by baptism; d. 1898. Lived at Williams. c.r. -3
Ingraham, Don C. (Lt. Col.) B. (73 years old) Otsego M. Clara D. July 17, 1946, Kalamazoo Kal. Caz. 7-17-46 1:5, 2:2
Ingraham, Lora J. B. Nov. 24,1872 Van Buren County M. John M. Feb. 20,1889 D. Nov. 15,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-16-43 18:4
Ingram, Lucy Mrs. B. September 11, 1883 Sidell, Kentucky D.Aucust 13, 1948 Kal. Gaz. 8-14-48 10:1
Inkster, Anna Grace Kal. 1886 8y bur. Nov. 2, 1897; Lot #204, 2nd from S line, need to the E. Remains Drought from farm, there buried 11 yrs. ago. #27bb. America/ C-.L4
Inkster, Cordelia Kal. A child. Removed from farm to Mt. Home. bur. Lot #204, C-14 c-14
Inkster, Cordelia Mrs. cor. head to the E. Oct.4,-1897 bur. Lot #204, C-14; sE #274w. American, C--14
Inman, Agnes Irene dau. Charles & Bessie Argobast Inman Dec. 30, 1899 Kal. bap. Jan. 20, 1920 .r.-2
Inman, Earl A. B. Dec. 25, 1903 Kalamazoo M. Helen E. D. July 9, 1947 Marion, Ind. Kal. Gaz. 7-10-47 3:3
Inman, Earl Arbogast s. Chas. Theodore & Bessie (Argobast) Inman Dec. 25, 1904 Kal. bap. Apr. 22, 1917 c.r. -2
Innes, Avis H. and Charles H. Crosby
Innis, Alonzo May 8, 1867 C-23
Innis, Charles W. Newburg, N.Y. and Eliza A. Lounsberry, Kalamazoo Dec. 7,1870 Kalamazoo Rev. H.M. J He: b. Windsor, N.Y.; farmer; 24y She: b. Leroy, N.Y. 18y (c.r.) N.1.2, 12-9-70 c.r.-1
Innis, Eunice w. Alonzo Innis Mar.23,1870 C-23
Innis, Euphemia dau. A. & E. Innis Oct. 28,1865 21y C- 23
Inright, Michael Paw Paw, Mich. Margaret Ryan, Paw Paw July 21, 1860 Rev. I. A. Label Wit.: Philippe Webb, Kal. & Bridget Ryan, Mattawan. c.r.-8 (5) p. 11
Inright, Patrick Decatur, Mich. Helene Nevelle, Kal. Dec. 26, 1859 Kal. Rev. I. A. Lebel Wit.: James & Bridget Hastings, Kal. and c.r,-8 (5) p. 7
Insley, Anna John Insley, Brady. With John Insley, signed deed to Isaac Sumner. Witnessed by Edwin Kellogg, Sam. Hackett. Dated Nov. 23, 1831; rec. Nov. 26, 1831/ Co.F-2
Insley, John M. witness to Jan. 15, 1831. See: BEiT, Joseph. Co.R-2
Ireland, Charles and Fannie George Sept. 30, 1886 Kal. Rev. Robt. Ellis Jones At Carmel St.; witnesses: Mrs. Reed. He: 58y; she: 60y c.r.-2
Ireland, Fannie S Mrs. Kal. 60y bur. Feb. 3, 1887; Riverside cem. c.r.-2
Ireton, Ridgway Hearing petition of Nancy A. Ireton, that will be probated and that Allen W. Pierce be apnt. adm'r., set for Nov. 5,1870. Henry C. Briggs, Judge. 10-20-70
Iretort, William Mich. and Endora 1. Gleason, Brady, Mich. Feb. 15,1868 Kalamazoo Amos D. Allen 11.1.2, 5-13-68
Irey, Emmor B. Flora Jennings D. May 6,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz 5-7-43 19:3
Irish, Ethel (Mrs.) B. (60 years old) M. D. May 3, 1946, Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 5-4-46 3:5
Irish, Gertrude dau. Edward. Irish Sept. 4, 1874 c.r.-2
Irland, Charles B. June 17,1875 Oakley M. D. May 30,1943 Plainwell Kal. Ga7. 6-1 43 3:4
Irvin, Henry s. Andrew & Jane Irvin, Ross Center Feb. 14, 1854 23y 8m 21d C-21
Irvin, Henry J. Member I.O.O.F. Oct. 4,1875 Comstock 23y 9mo 3d C-3
Irvin, Jane w. A. Irvin, Ross Center Jan. 29, 1852 61y 4m C-21
Irvin, James Ross Center Aug. 10, 1852 b. June 20, 1815 -21
Irvine, Ada B. ( 57 years old) M. Ralph D. Mar. 5,1943 Kokoma Ind. Kal. Gaz. 3-6-43 9:5
Irving, Addis M. Ross Center Apr. 13, 1901 b. Mar. 6, 1856 mir C-21
Irving, Edna w. Oliver Irving, Ross Center Dec. 2, 1902 b. Jan. 15, 1836 C-21
Irving, Ella J. Ross Center Sept. 11, 1928 b. Jan. 25, 1857 C-21
Irving, Julia. E. w. D. Irving, Ross Center Oct. 3, 1862 30y llm 19d
Irving, Laona A. dau. 0. and J. Irving, Ross Center Jan. 20, 1879 25y llm 20d c-21
Irving, Oliver Ross Center Jan. 1, 1907 b. Aug. 11, 1820 c-21
Irwin, Alice M. B. Aug. 12, 1879; Alpena M. Rev. William H. D. May 14, 1944; Plainwell Kal. Gaz. 5-15-44 5:5
Irwin, Ann Kalamazoo Jany. 15, 1877 74y Bur. Lot #5, c-14 c-14
Irwin, Bertha M. B. August 11, 1876 Kalamazoo M. D. April 3, 1948 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 4-4-48 2:3 4-5-48 2:5
Irwin, George J. s. Geo. H. & Lucy A. Irwin May 25, 1865 Galesburg 33y c-5
Irwin, Lawrence B. August 2, 1907 M. Dulcia D. June 16, 1948 Kal. Gaz. 6-16-48 2:5
Irwin, Scott B. Watson,57 years old M. Hattie Norman Oct.1,1912 D. May 7,1943 Kalamazoo Kal . GAz. 5-5-43 11:2
Irwin, William Kalamazoo Feb. 24, 1855 45y Bur. Lot #5, C-14 C-14 j
Irwin, William B. May 30, 1892 Grand Rapids M. Bessie D. Nov. 15, 1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-16-44 19:2-3
Isaac, Emma B. Nov. 21,1855 Netherlands Levi D. May 3,1943 kal. Gaz. 5-4-43 2:5
Isaacs, Asenath and Azal N. Chipman
Isanhart, Lucille Elizabeth Mrs. B. Jan. 19, 1890 in Lincoln Neb. M. April 22, 1929 D. Dec. 23, 1947 Ka]. Gaz. 12-24-47 4:4
Islay, John s. John & Julia Islay, 1 day bur. Mar.27,1867 in Catholic cem., Kal. c.r.-8 (2) p.17
Israel, Mannes Hearing of petition of Tilly Israel for appt, as administratrix, set for Nov. 23,1868. Marsh Giddings, Judge. N.B.2, 11-10-68
Isted, Elizaleth First mention on rolls: 1976 -Membership: profession, baptized Marital Removal: by .r, 1879 or 1879 From - church, (c.r.), p. 20, .59, 73, 77, 90, 93
Isted, Emma J. Records of First Congregational Church
Isted, FranK S. First mention on rolls: 1876 Residence: loss Membership: profession, Marital status: Removal: not given From of First Congregational p. 23,,
Isted, Henry Records of First Congregational Church
Isted, Kitty Records of First Congregational Church
Iverson, Roy B. May. 14,1891 Vandalia Mich. A. Thna D. J1. 25,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 7-26-43 3:11
Ives, Charles H. Late of Richland Notice of appointment of Orville Barnes as administrator, dated May 2, 1836. Administrator appt., Feb. 1, 1836.** Co.R-3** N.R.I, 6-4-36
Ives, Mary E. and Charles K. Cronk
Ivory, Clarence P. B. 54 years old,Ind. M. Mary Costello D. Feb. 13,. Kalamazoo Kal. Gas. 2-14-44 9:2
Ivory, Dorothy B. 18 years old, Kalamazoo M. James Ivory D. June 27, 1945, Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 6-2845 3:1
Ivory, Hugh B. (Age 58) M. u. Sept. 21,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 9-22-45 3:7
Izanbaard, Andrew Nelson April 30,1928 Comstock Mich. D. Sept. 10,1943 Comstock Kal. Gaz. 9-10-43 13`:7