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Michael, Ava R. Mrs. B. tecember 14,1860 M. J.c;4. Michael D. June 18,1947 Ral.Gaz. 6-20-47 11:4
Michener, Charles S. B. Ap.2,1866 Toughkenamon Pa. M. Mattie Jaines Goodale Jah.1,1896 Mend on D. Feb.10,1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-11-44 4:3
Michielson, Charles B. Jul 5, 1860 Meer, Belgium M. Angeline D. March 19, 1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Caz. 3-20-45 10:6
Mickey, Mary Minerva B. December 2, 1914 Oberlin, O. D. New York City Kk Gaz. 7-30-43 3:3
Middaugh, David A. Richland Oct. 3,1855 Richland 3y 19d C- 4
Middaugh, Elmer W. (Pvt.) B. March 4, 1923 Ka:mazoo M. D. March 4, 1945 Germany Kal. Gaz. 3-20-45 1:3 & 2:6 4-5-45 16:3
Middaugh, Flora H. Richland Feb. 12,1872 Richland 6y 2mo 12d C-4
Middaugh, Nancy M. w. Harmon Middaugh Sept. 30, 1882 Richland 56y 7mo 2d C-4
Middlebush, Nellie B. Oct. 21, 1864 Netherlands M. D. March 31, 1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 4-1-45 5:5
Middleton, Aseneth A. and. Alenson Wood Co.R-1
Middleton, Charles H. B. Mar. 17,1858 Portage twsp. M. Jennie Haynes D. Dec. 4,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. G,z. 12-6-43 11:4
Middleton, Sadie A. bap. Apr. 1, 1899. Adult. c.r.-2 C)
Middling, Geo. Kalamazoo and Lizzie Hamar, Kalamazoo May 22, 1878 Kalamazoo Rev.H.F.Spencer He: b. --- N.Y.; Laborer; 23y She: b. Hamilton, Canada; 19y c.r.-1
Midling, Maria and Patrick Fitzpatrick c.r.-8 (7) p. 113
Miemich, Anna and Joseph Tokarz c.r.-8 (7) p. 153
Mier See: Meier & Meyers
Mier, Esther Ruth dau. Joanne Frederic Mier & Sara Vanderbrook Oct. 11, 1896 bap. Nov. 1, 1896 Rev. F. A. O'Brien c.r.-8 (4) p. 255
Mier, Hagen Heinricus s. Heinricus Mier & Catharina Goretghi Nov. 5, 1895 bap. Dec. 22, 1895 Rev. E. M. Cullinane c.r.-8 (4) p. 234
Mieras, Adrian and Cornelia Verburg Child: Cornelia c.r.-7
Mieras, Cornelia dau. Adriaan & Cornelia (Berburg) Mieras Aug 4, 1874
Mieras, Dina and Hermanes E. Polderman she: b. May 24, 1849 Wolfaartsdyk, Neth. Joined 1st Ref. Ch. Kal
Mikel, Benjamin Franklin B. March 26, 1866 Sterling, Illinois M. Effie Isabelle D. March 28, 1948 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 3-29-48 2:5
Mikuto, Josephine and Vincent Salapatck c.r.-8 (7) p. 178
Milbeck, Alwaina R. B. Oct. 16, 1867; Kalamazoo M. Henry G. D. April 26, 1944; Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 4-27-44 20:8 4-30-64 5:2
Milbeck, Joseph B. B. December 22, 1896 Kalamazoo M. Esther Jarchow D. March 5, 1948 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 3-5-48 1:5 3-7-48 2:3 3-9-48 8:1-3
Milbeck, Katherine M. B. Aug. 31, 1871 Kalamazoo M. D. Aug. 21, 1947 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-22-47 2:8
Mileham, Clela M. B. April 19, 1893 Sturgis M. Roy D. May 23, 1947 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 5-24-47 2:1
Milekoviecz, Nicolaus s. Joseph Milekovicz & Anna Bozankovzh, Kal. and Catharina. Ochweick, dau. Ladislai Ochveick, & Josephine RewuRkovzt, Ka1. May 10, 1916 Rev. F. A. O'Brien Wit.: Jos. Markowitz & Maria Griffin, Ka1. He: 19 yrs., hap. in Hungary; she, 17 yrs
Milenor, Elizabeth S. Kalamazoo Mar. 31, 1864 2oy bur. Lot #68, C-14, Johnathan Milenor, owner, (a pencil notation says:"Father of J.M." which might indicate the burial of the father of the owner of the lot.) C-14
Miles, Betsy and Randal Crosby
Miles, Marritta 1855 Records of First Congregational Church
Miles, Mary Ann Hinesburgh, Vt. and E. Lakin Brown. She came to Schoolcraft, fall, 1850, to tec.. in Cedar Park Seminary.
Miles, Maryetta 1861 Records of First Congregational Church
Miles, Robert Charles B. Sept. 2,1926 Harrisburg,Pa. M. D. Oct. 15,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 10-16-45 14:4
Miles, Truman Henry s. Charles & Nora Sherwin Miles July 4, 1901 Chicago, Ill. bap. Oct.22, 1921 c.r.-2
Milham, Ada A. B. April 16,1870 Cooper M. Oliver L. Dec. 10,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 12-1-45 2:7
Milham, Agnes Mary dau. Thomas & Agnes Milham bap. Feb. 28, 1897. c.r.-2
Milham, Almina Kal J une 18, 1846 34y 2m bur. Lot #453, C-14 c-14
Milham, Ambrose Kalamazoo and Lydia Turner, Kalamazoo May 18,1854 Palmyra, Wayne Co. , N.Y. Rev. G. D. Gillespie, Rector of Zion Church N.R.I, 5-26-54
Milham, Amelia Himebaugh , B. Oct. 29, 1867 Moorepark M. Loomish. D. June 11, 1946,Planwell Kal. Gaz. 6-12-46 1:4;2:6
Milham, Ancel L. B. Jan. 12,1875 Comstock Mich. M. Gertrude D. Sept. 17,1942 Kalamazoo Kal. G z. 9-18-42 21:8
Milham, Carrie S . and. Alister D. McGregor
Milham, Clara A. and William Owens c.r.-8 (7) p. 91
Milham, Clinton Pomeroy s. Robert Ely .& Cora (Clemana) Milham and Eleanor Mary Can Apr. 20, 1921 Children: Robert Can, b....June 20, 1922 Eleanor Mary, b. 1925 Clinton Pomeroy Milham, b. Jan. 20, 1893. BR-86
Milham, Donald* s. Fred Harold & Jennie Belle (Pomeroy) Milham 1918 Argonne Forest 23y Killed in action, World War. b. Dec. 13, 1894. 3R-86
Milham, Doris Lyda See: Doris Lyda McLeieer
Milham, Edith and Cornelius VanderLyke
Milham, Elbert Gray s. Fred Harold & Jennie Belle (Pomeroy) Milham and Donna B. Southworth Feb. 1, 1919 He was born Aug 28, 1893 Children: Donald Milham, b. Feb. 8, 1925. BR-86
Milham, Eleanor N. B. April 29, 1897 Waukem, Illnois Allen B. (Comm.) Oct. 15, 1921 D. July 13, 1048 Kalamazoo Kal. Caz. 7-19-48 1:-5
Milham, Elizabeth dau. Thomas & Agnes Milham Sept. 7, 1t91 c.r.-2
Milham, Elizabeth H. B. May 8, 1863 Kalamazoo M. Frank H. D. March 21, 1948 Los Angeles Kal. Gaz. 3-24-48 1:6
Milham, Ernest Arthur s. Thomas & Agnes Milham Jan. 15, 1888 c.r.-2
Milham, Frances A. Kal. Oct. 12, 1898 lOy Stone vault. bur. Lot #71, Sec. 6, C-14; 2nd from W line, NW cor., head to the N. C-14
Milham, Fred H. B. Sept 8,1858 Kalamazoo M. Jennie B. Pomeroy Oct.28,1885 D. Oct. 21,1942 Kalamazoo Kal. Gz. 10-22-42 17:8 10-25-42 9:6
Milham, Fred Harold and Jennie Belle Pomeroy, dau. Norton & Jane (Chipman) Pomeroy Oct.28, 1885 Children: Gertrude Ethel; Fred Laurence; Elbert Gray; Donald Pomeroy; Philip Carrol; Laura Winifred. BR-86
Milham, Fred Laurence s. Fred Harold & Jennie Belle (Pomeroy) Milham Oct. 26, 1891 ly 9m (No cem. record) b. Mar. 9, 1890 bur. Oct. 29, 1891; C-14, aged ly 8m (name shelled Fred Lawrence Milham).* c.r.-2* BR-86
Milham, George C. and Bessie L. Nelson May 1, 1894 Kal. Rev. R.R. Claiborne At St. Luke's rectory; witnesses: Frank Nelson and Cora Nelson. He: 22y; she: 21y c.r.-2
Milham, Gertrude Ethel dau. Fred Harold & Jennie Belle (Pomeroy) Milham June 29, 1887 BR-86
Milham, Gertrude Kal Oct. 29, 1880 20y 6m bur. Lot #453, C-14 C-14
Milham, Gertrude H. B. July 19, 1874 Muncie, Ind. M. Ansel L. D. May 18, 1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 5-19-45 3:6
Milham, John Kal Feb. 1885 ,79y 8m bur. Lot #453, C-14 c-14
Milham, John Feb. 7, 1883. 78y b. March 24, 1805. Came to Mich. 1845, settled in Portage Trip. DAR descendant: Miss Gertrude Milham. AR- 2
Milham, Laura Winifred dau. Fred Harold & Jennie Belle (Pomeroy) Milham Dec. 13, 1900 2y b. Jan. 18, 1898 BR-86
Milham, Laura Winifred Kal. 3y Scarlet Fever. Bur. Dec.15, 1900; Lot #453, C-14; 2nd from W line, SW cor., head to the N. #2951. American Single. C-14
Milham, Louis Kal Feb. 9, 1867 2m ld Bur. Lot f453, C-14 C-14
Milham, Louisa Kal Dec. 6, 1866 42y 8m Bur. Lot 1t453, c-14, c-14
Milham, Louisa A. Kal bur. Lot #453, C-14 c-14
Milham, Lydia Idyle dau. Henry & Clarrisa Colburn Mar. 22, 1877 Pavilion Twp., Co. bap. Mar. 20, 1925 c.r.-2
Milham, Philip Carroll s. Fred Harold & Jennie Belle (Pomeroy) Milham June 22, 1896
Milham, Randolph Kal Jan 12, 1843 4m 3d bur. Lot #453, c-14 C-14
Milham, Ray and Jay Twin sons of M.L. & A. Milham Aug. 3, 1864 Galesburg ly 8mo 24d C-6
Milham, Robert Ely and Cora Clemana Pomeroy, dau. Norton & Jane (Chipman) Pomeroy Oct. 4, 1888 Children: Robert Lester, and Clinton BR-86
Milham, Robert Lester s. Robert Ely & Cora Clemana (Pomeroy) Milham Vera Cleland Oct.8, 1919 Children.: Marie Ellen, b. Sept. 7, 1920 Helen Louise, b, Sept. 29, 1923 Robt. Lester Milham, b. May 3, 1891. BR-86 and
Milham, William For biog. see HKO-1 p. 433.
Milham, Samantha Mrs. Kal. Widow _ SE cor., next to E line, head to the N. bur. Apr. 28, 1905; Lot #453, 0.P., c-14 38. '38. Milham, Samantha Mrs. Kal. Widow ; American. C-14
Milk, Elna B. Nov. 24,1861 M. Ernest D. Mar. 23,1946 Ann Arbor,Mich. Kal. Gaz. 3-24-46 9:6
Millar, Almena B. ( 77 years old) M. D. 17,1943 Kal. Gaz. 8-17-43 2:4
Millard Nancy and John Smith
Millard, Richard M. Dr. B. M. D. Feb. 4,1944 Sebring Kal. Gaz. 2-5-44 7:6
Millard, Samuel F. Plainwell, Mich. and Delilah Lenwin, ? Mich. June 30, 1873 Kalamazoo Rev. S.N.Griffith at parsonage, 93 Vine St., wife present. He: b. Ontatio Co., N.Y.; farmer;60y She: b. Wayne Co., N.Y.; 45y c. r.-1
Millem, Alice B. Oct. 14,Aug. 11,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-11-43 2:1
Miller, ? Vicksburg Nov. 1, 1897
Miller, ? and Anna H. Genkes, Kal. 2027 S. Burdick St. c.r.-3
Miller, ? and Helen V. Wilcox cr-3
Miller, (Infant) B. Feb. 25,1944 Kalamazoo D. F,b. 26,1944 Kalamzoc) Kal. Gag. 2-27-44 7:2 0
Miller, Abagail Mrs. Kal Mar. 5, 1883 85y 8m bur. Lot #378, C-14 c-14
Miller, Adam Richland Nov. 5,1870 Richland 63y "Our Father, My Husband - Margaret" Hearing of petition of Margaret Miller, that she be appt. set for Dec. 1C 1870. Henry C. Briggs, Judge.* C-4 N.R.2, 11-15-70
Miller, Adam s. Joanne Miller & Margaretha Peri, Kal. Josephine Karescha, dau. Paul Karescha Idalena Prenstock, Kal. Sent. 20, 1909 Rev. F. A. O'Brien Wit.: Joanne Goretzke Osee Mayer, Kal. He: 36 yrs., she, 40 yrs.; both born in Austria. c.r.-8 (7) p.
Miller, Alfred Mar. 5,1886 Cooper 65y b. Mar. 26,1821 C-1
Miller, Alice Jane dau. Geo. & Fanny Miller Sept.9, 1863 c.r.-2
Miller, Allen D. B. Nov. 26,1876 Athens M. Bernice D. Jan. 28,1946 Kalamazoo Kal.Gaz. 1-28-46 1:6 1-29-46 5:3
Miller, Alma B. Dec. 15,1882 Black CreekBuis. M. D. 7pr. S, 5,1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 4-5-44 2:2
Miller, Angie E. B. Jan. 9, 1868 Richland, Mich. M. D. April 22, 1947 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 4-23-47 18:1
Miller, Ann S. and Richard Witherell
Miller, Ann Tereza dau. John & Josephine Miller, Kal 9 weeks bur. July 31,1868 in Catholic cem., Kal. c.r.-8 (2) p.21
Miller, Anna Mrs. B. Sept. 15,1865 a - er manti M. D. May 9, 1946 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 5-10-46 13:6
Miller, Annabelle B. April 11,1861 Pierceton Ind M. John J. D. Oct. 31,1942 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-1-42 218
Miller, Annie H. B. Age 79 Kalamazoo M. John H. (d.) D. Sept. 12, 1947 near Reed City, Mich. Kal. Gaz. 9-14-47 1:3 9-15-47 18:4
Miller, Annis E. (Mrs.) Vicksburg Oct. 21, 1888 42y 5m 4d. -18
Miller, Arthusa w. Eli R. Miller Sept. 3,1852 Richland 27y Stone lies flat on the ground Joined Presby.Oh. Gull Prairie, May 6, 1843, by letter from Cong. Ch. of that place.* c.r.-4* C-4
Miller, Augusta (Mrs.) B. Aug. 30,1862 M. D. Feb. 12,1946 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-12-46 3;4 C)
Miller, Beatrice Mrs. B. B. April 22,1891 M. William D. June 27,1947 is-al.Gaz.6-27-47 8:5 Kal.Gaz. 6-27-47 15:8
Miller, Bert Kal, May 4, 1905, buried,
Miller, Bertha Kal. June 1908 23y bur. June 11, 1908; Lot #17,'Sec. 12, C-14; 3rd from N line, head to the E. #3460. Single American. C-14
Miller, Bertha (Miss) bap. Mar. 24,-1888. Adult (Married John Windoes; deceased) c.r.-2
Miller, Bertha L. and John P. Windoes
Miller, Brooksie Sept. 4, 1885 bur. Lot #2, Sec. 4, C-14 U-14
Miller, Carrie L. Mrs. B. August 28,1860 D. July 19,1947 Aal.Gaz. 7-21-47 30:2
Miller, Carrol George William s. Carrol H. Miller & Esther Meyer March 10, 1878 bap. March 10, 1890 Rev. F. A. O'Brien c.r.-8 (4) p. 97
Miller, Caspar Rachel Jenning, Ft. Wayne May 30, 1871 Rev. B.A. Quinn Wit.: John Driscoll & Theressa Miller and c.r.-8 (7) p.2
Miller, Catharine and George Seiler c.r.-8 (7) p. 109
Miller, Catharine A. and Edwin Robert Scheib c.r.-8 (7) p. 162
Miller, Catherine Vicksburg environs July 7, 1882 63y bur. in Vicksburg cem.? N.R.4
Miller, Catherine and Charles Cuningham (This name might possibly be "Mullenn) c.r.-8 (7) p. 86
Miller, Catherine Rosina dau. John and Catherine Miller, Kal. bap. Oct. 8,1860 Rev. I.A.Lebel sponsors: John Frederic Miller & Rosina Catherine Ryley, Kal. c.r.-8, p.50
Miller, Charles G. B. Aug. 17,1867 Kal. L'ounty M. Izora E. Oct. 20,1886 D. Dec. 30,1943 Pontiac Kal. Gaz. 12-31-43 2:5
Miller, Charles Homer Kal Oct. 12, 1898 Remains from Chicago 78y bur. Lot #220, c-14; 5th from N line, 72, head to the W. #2816.
Miller, Chesley R. B. (55 years old) M. Gladys Welch Miller D. Nov. 10, 1947 Kal. Gaz. 11-21-47 21:5
Miller, Christianna Schoolcraft Feb. 17,1883 Schoolcraft 70y 28d b. Penn. Female White Married bur. Lot #151 ,-.16
Miller, Christiana Mary dau. John & Josephine Miller, Kal. bap. Mar. 22, 1863 Rev. I.A.Lebel 8 days old c.r.-8, p. 100
Miller, Clarence L. and. Mabel T. Dickerson Oct. 18, 1899 Kal. R. R.Claiborne Witnesses: Geo. R. Rickman & L. M. Brewslin He: 23y; she: 20y c.r.-2
Miller, Clell Duncan ch. Duncan D. & Frances C. Miller Mar. 17, 1676 ,c.r.-2
Miller, Clemense child of Charles & Cathrine Miller, Kal. bap. Aug. 6, 1858 Rev. I.A.Lebel Sponsors: Rosine Ryley, Kal. c.r.-8, p.10
Miller, Cora B. Oct. 16,1868 moorer M. Anthony C. D. Sept. 7,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 9-7-43 16:6
Miller, Daniel E. Schoolcraft July 13, 1864 Md. 24y 5m 24d Army b. Penn. Male White Single bur. Lot #151 -15
Miller, David L Richland Oct. 25,1836 Richland 57y Smo 8d "He has gone to rest"
Miller, David 0. 8. M. D. & E. Miller Mar. 11,1848 Richland loo 15d. C-4
Miller, E. Lee B. ( 72 years old) M. Mary Russell 1894 D. Feb. 5,1943 Kalamaaoo Kal. pa?. 2-5-43 19:7
Miller, Earl B. s. Jacob, & Catherine Stanford and Edith Pearl Root, dau. Wilber,& Maria Murphy *May 2, 1894 Rev. F. A. O'Brien Wit.: Carrol O'Brien & Mary Brown He: 22 yrs.; she, 19 yrs. *Date of revalidation of marriage. c.r.-8 (7) p. 102
Miller, Edith C. B. Jan. 29,1820 Palestine,Ohio M. Jack d. D. bept. 22,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Eaz. 9-22-45 3:5
Miller, Edith Lodovica dau. Carrol H. Miller & Esther Meyer Sept. 30, 1889 bap. July 13, 1890 Rev. F. A. O'Brien c.r.-8 (4) p. 104
Miller, Edwin Joseph s. Carol Miller & Esther Mayer Mar. 19, 1891 bap. Aug. 9, 1891 Rev. R. McBrady c.r.-8 (4) p. 128
Miller, Electa w. M. D. Miller Mar. 22,1852 Richland 36y 7mo 113 c-4
Miller, Electa J. dau. M. D. & E. Miller Jan. 1,1944 Richland 5y 6mo 24d
Miller, Eli R Richland Mar. 18,1900 Richland 82y b. Oct. 12,1818 Probably son of Joseph Miller, Richland.** For biog. see HKC-1 p. facing 466. He and wife, Arthusa, Joined Fresby. Ch. Gull Prairie, May 6, 1843, by letters from Cong. Ch. of that place.#
Miller, Elisabeth Mrs. Richland Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, May 6, 1843, by letter from Cong. Ch. of that place. c.r.-4 0
Miller, Eliza and Charles H. Smith
Miller, Elizabeth (Mother) w. Joseph Miller July 17,1858 Richland 73y 3mo C-4
Miller, Elizabeth B. (Age 81) Chillicothe,Ohio M. Charles D. Nov. 17,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-17-45 3:6
Miller, Elizabeth w. Alfred Miller Feb. 11,1902 W. Cooper 77y b. Jan. 23, 1825
Miller, Emma Kuhn Vicksburg July 18, 1909 55y 10m 12d -18
Miller, Enos Schoolcraft Mar. 27. 1870 Schoolcraft 56y 2m 3d b. Penn. male White Married bur. Lot #151 C-18
Miller, Eudaora (Mrs.) Vicksburg Feb. 22, 1910 47y lm 22d
Miller, Elizabeth and Joseph E. Ely
Miller, Fanny Kal Jan. 22, 1853 27y 5m bur. Lot #378, C-14
Miller, Fisher s. P.D. & Sophronia Miller, Schoolcraft Feb. 16, 1896 Schoolcraft 16y 4m 13d b. Schoolcraft Male White Single bur. Lot Range 17, S. -16
Miller, Floyd B. Sept. 6, 1931 Elkhart, Indiana D. July 4, 1048 Rome City, Indian Gaz. 7-6-48 4:1
Miller, Frances Anna Mrs. D. July 1,1882 M. Clarence D. January 2,1947 Kal.Gaz. 1-3-47 11:2
Miller, Frank B. April 2,1866 Penn. I. Mar.21,1934 linnie Deiiaven D. 6,1942 Kalama:oo Kal. Gaz. 5-6-42 19:2
Miller, Frank F. B. Jan. 2,1899 Quincey Ill M. Ruth jj. My 7,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. G z. 5-8-43 11:3
Miller, Frank H. B. February 20, 1865 Prairieville M. D. April 5, 1948 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 4-6-40 17:1
Miller, Frankie Mar. 16, 1886 Child bur. Lot #2, Sec. 4, C-14; Geo.W.Miller,owner C-14
Miller, Fred B. 59 years old-Germany M. D. Feb.11,1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz.2-12-44 4:5 C
Miller, Fred J. B. (55 years old) Kalamazoo M. D. Dec. 25, 1944 Muncie, Ind. Kal. Gaz. 12-27-44 5:6
Miller, Frederic Frank s. John & Josephine Miller, Kal. bap. Sept. 20, 1868 Rev. I.A. Lebel 2 mo. old c.r.-8 (2) p.69
Miller, George W. Henry s. John & Josephine Miller, Kal. bap. Apr. 3, 1866 Rev. I. A. Lebel 2 weeks old c.r.-8 (2) p.39
Miller, Gladys Irene dau. Wm. Edward & Grace Procunier Miller Nov.20, 1907 Kal. bap. July 20, 1924 c.r.-2
Miller, Grover C. B. June 9,1886 Forest Ohio M. D. Mar. 27,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 3-28-43
Miller, H. B. Vicksburg Jan 8, 1908 54y
Miller, Harriet Cook gichland Apr. 17,1908 Richland 90y b. May 29,1818 c-4
Miller, Harvey A. B. 67 D. Dec. 5, 1946 Kalamazoo Gaz. 12-6-46 7:1
Miller, Hattie w. T. F. Miller Oct. 29,1876 Richland 31y c-4
Miller, Hazel M. B. Oct.4, 1b87 Lansing M. Charles E. D. Feb. 9, 1947 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-10-47 4:5
Miller, Helen V. D. May 24, 1863 Montezuma, Park County, Ind. M. Charles . Dec. 27, 1946 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 12-28-46-8:4
Miller, Henry s. Jacob Miller & Josephine Fin, Kal. apr. 18, 1876 ban. Aug.19, 1881 Rev. P. B. Murray c.r.-8(3) p. 191
Miller, Henry A. s. Carrol H. Miller & Esther Meyer June 22, 1886 bap. July 13, 1890 Rev. F. A. O'Brien c.r.-8 (4) n 104
Miller, Isaac H . --- St. Jo. Co. and Mary Jane Shimmel, Schoolcraft Sent. 6,1862 Kalamazoo J. W. Breese, Esq. N.B.', 9-12-62
Miller, Jacob Notice of hearing of petition for appointment of administrator, Dec. 3,1855. John Sleeper, Judge. Mary Ann Miller, petitioner N.R.I, 11-9-55
Miller, Jacob Eugene . Mar. 28,1883 Blakr7slee Ohio M. Hattie D. Aug. 3,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-4-43 3:4
Miller, Jacoba and Paul Schrier she: b. Aug 1872, Kal. c.r.-7
Miller, James Grand Rapids, and Mary Ada Smith, only dau. late Sidney Smith of Ada. Mar. 17,1864 Ada,Kent Co. N.R. 4-3-46
Miller, Jessie and F. M. Britten Before her marriage, she joined 1st Bap. Oh. Ital. Apr.4, 1885, by letter from Plainwell. c. r. -3
Miller, Jerome Carney s. George M. & Catherine Miller, Kal. bap. May 1,1870 Rev.I.A.Lebel 7 weeks old C.T. -8 (2) p.101
Miller, Jessie dau. Geo. & Fanny Miller Oct.13, 1864 c.r.-2
Miller, John Vicksburg Sent. 16, 1890 67y 1lm 18d 18
Miller, John H. B. Jan.1,18P0 Lyons N Y. M. Annie Geukes Oct. 26,1892 Kalamazoo D. Jan. 15,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Ga7. 1-16-43 10:3
Miller, John Michael s. John & Josephine Miller, Kal. bap. June 10,1859 Rev. I.A.Lebel Sponsors: Michael Miller & Maria Thetel, Kal. c.r.-8, p.22
Miller, Joanne 0. Emil s. Joanne Miller & Dorothea Biel Sept. 15, 1363 bap. June 25, 1889 Rev. Henry De Gryse T. 8 (4) p. 81
Miller, Joanne Matthew ch. Joseph Miller & Emma. Kirby Jan. 8, 1887 bap. Feb. 20, 1887 Rev. F. A. 013rien Married by Judge Mason, July 9, 1910, revalidated April 3, 1913. c.r.-8 (4) p. 37 11
Miller, Joseph Bronson Came to Bronson, 1835; was deputy clerk for Stephen Vickery, county clerk. KCD-1 p.58
Miller, Joseph (Father) Richland June 20,1864 Richland 84y 8mo. Farmer. Came from Connnecticut. Elected to State House of Representatives, 184O.** Was a lawyer in Bronson, 1834. C-4 'E.L.B., p.53. KCB-1 p.b1
Miller, Joseph s. John & Josephine Miller, Kal. bap. Apr. 14,1861 Rev. I.A.Lebel Three weeks old c.r.-8, p.63
Miller, Joseph, Jr. (Hon.)* Kal.* end Charlotte C. Brown, Richland Dec. 26,1838, Richland, Rev. Calvin Clarke C-14 gives death of a Joseph Miller, Apr. 9, 1864, 47y; bur. Lot #220, C-14, Apr. 12,1864. Mrs. Joseph Miller is buried in same lot. c.r.-2* .R. 1
Miller, Julia B. July 25 (Age 56) M. Fed D. Feb. 26,1946 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-27-46 12:6
Miller, Julia A. and. Carlos Otte
Miller, L. 0. B. Jan. 3, 1872 Missouri M. Pearl D. May 4, 1947 Long Beach, Cal. Kal. Gaz. 5-6-47 3:2 C
Miller, Lavanche Mrs. Kal. May 13i-1904 87y Bur. Lot #124, C-14; 3rd from W line, 111, head to the N. #3172, C-14 C)
Miller, Leatitia Magdelena Lodovica dau. Carrol H. Miller & Esther Meyer Nov. 21, 1881 bap. March 10, 1890 Rev. F. A. O'Brien c.r.-8 (4) p. 97
Miller, Leonidas Garrett B. Jan.17,1889 ,Pickerington Ohio M. Ella D. Apri1,29,1943 Kalamazoo Kal.Gaz. 4-2a-43 22:6 -
Miller, Louisa dau. Peter Miller & Catharine Heist, Kal. Feb. 22, 1875 bap. Mar. 21, 1875 Rev. P. A. Tierney .r.-8 (3) P. 96
Miller, Louisa d. M. D, & E. Miller Mar, 20,1847 Richland ly 5mo 4d C-4
Miller, Louise and William H. Brennan c.r.8 (7) p. 106
Miller, Louise Dorothea dau. Michael 1 Margaret Miller, Kal. bap. Apr. 15, 1866 Rev. I.A.Lebel 3 weeks old .r.-8 (2) p.39
Miller, Louise S. B. Dec. 11, 1864 Moscow, Mich. M. Joel E. d. 1935 D. March 31, 1945 Kalamazoo Kal. (az. 4-1-45 26:5
Miller, M. B. Kal. Nov. 2, 1896 78y bur. Lot #29, Sec. 6, c-14; C.D.Peck, owner Nov. 5, 1896; NE cor., head to the W. #2698. Male. c-14
Miller, M. B. Kal. He and a brother are buried on Lot #192,c-14 no other data. c-14
Miller, Margaret dau. Michael & Margaret Miller, Kal. bap. Nov. 7, 1858 Rev. I.A.Lebel Sponsors: John Syke, & Cathrine Weidner c.r.-8, p.13
Miller, Maria and Christian Steahle c.r.-8 (7) P. 59
Miller, Maria Josephine dau. Joanne Miller & Dora Billey, Kal. Feb. 24,1881 bap. .Aug.27, 1881 Rev.P. B. Murray c.r.-8 (3) p. 191
Miller, Mary A. and McColl Before her marriage, she joined 1st Bap. Ch. Kal. Jan. 2, 1887, by baptism; given ch. letter June 23, 1898, to Bethel Oh. Kal. c.r.-3
Miller, Mary Ann B. Aug. 14,1934 Kalamazoo M. D. aug. 6,1942 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-7-*2 2:7
Miller, Mary S. dau. Phillip D. & Sophronia Miller,Schoolcr. Oct.5,1887 Schoolcraft 16y 3m 14d b. Schoolcraft Female White Single bur. Lot #17, Ftnge 17, S. -16
Miller, Mattie B. Mrs. Feb. 2, 1912 41y Placed in vault, Feb. 6, 1912; bur. Apr.16, 1912; Lot #22, Sec. 8, C-14; 2nd from S line, head to the W. #3704. c-14
Miller, Mary Ann and Charles B. Smith
Miller, Mary Jane dau. Adam & Mary . Miller Sept. 12,1862 Richland C-4
Miller, Mary D. Mrs. Dec. 6, 1895 bur. Lot #553, C-14; Peter E. Deal, olhner. next to E line, S.1.;, head to the S. 1!-2642. C-14
Miller, Maud bap. Mar. 24, 1894. Adult. c. r -2
Miller, Michael Richland 1924 Richland 34y b. 1890 M.G. Co. 125th Init. 32 Div. American Legion flag on grave. c-4
Miller, Morico Kal. Oct. 15, 1846 llim bur. Lot #220, C-14 C-14
Miller, Norma J. B. Feb. 19,1880 N. uarolina M. tuck H. D. Nov. 20,1945 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-20-45 16:1
Miller, Peter Kal Jan. 29, 1870 Kal. 53y Bur. Lot #124, C-14, owner C-14
Miller, Peter Hearing petition of Lovancha Miller and Franklin Miller that will be probated and themselves appt. executors, set for Mar.19,1870. Henry C. Briggs, Judge. N.P2, 2-23-70
Miller, Peter Kal. (recently from Bavaria) and Catharina Heist, Kal. (from Bavaria) Apr. 27, 1874 Fr. Jos. Seybold. Wit.: P.A.Tierney & Bridget Waishe (Note by Rev. P.A.Tierney: "This couple could speak no English. Fr. Seybold married them. They were onl
Miller, Phillip A. Martin and Carrie Bachelor, Martin Dec. 4,1870 Plainwell Rev. Mr. Mills. H.p.2, 12-5-70
Miller, Phillip Derr Clearwater Nov. 3, 1915 Clearwater 77y Heart Disease bur. Crave No.1, Lot '0_7, Range 17, S. b. Schoolcraft Male White Married Nov.3, 1915 Clearwater 77y Heart diseesel Miller, Phillip Derr Clearwater
Miller, Polly w. David Miller July 7, 1857 Richland 78y 9mo 8d C-4
Miller, Precott B. Ohio( 54 years old) 1. Lillian Koernig,Manchester Ohio 1910 D. May 12,1943 Kalammoo Kal. Gaz 5-12-43 15:1
Miller, Robert A. B. (Agee66) M. Anna D. Jan 30,1946 Daytona Kal. Gaz. 2-2-46 3:5
Miller, Rosa and Edward Kastead c.r.-3 (7) p. 98
Miller, Sarah Ann and Ira Peake
Miller, Sarah F. and Joanne Quigley c.r.-8 (7) p.69
Miller, Sara Francisca dau. Jacob & Augusta. English, Kal. Feb. 22, 1870 bap. Apr. 24, 1886. Rev. F. A. O'Brien c.r.-8 (4) p. 19
Miller, Sarah M. and Harlow M. Burdick
Miller, William B. Oct. 14,1861 Hinckley Ill M. Grace Procunier,1897 Port Royal, Canada D. Mar. 4,1942 Goble8 Mich. Kal. Gaz. 3-5-43 4:5
Miller, William D. B. 24 years M. D. October 29,1947 Tcal.Gaz. 10-30-47 19:7
Miller, William F. Kalamazoo June 25, 1872 73y lm* bur. Lot #378, C-14* c. r. -1 C-14
Miller, J. B. Dec. 29,1881 Kalamazoo I. Freda J. D. Nov. 17,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-17-43 18:5
Miller, William Joseph B. Jan. 26,1861; Romeo M. Elizabeth Bohrdt D. 12-5-41; Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 12-6-41,10:2 0
Millett, George W. See: George W. Willett
Millham, Ernest A. s. Thomas & Agnes M. Millham Kal. and Ethel G. Hall, dau.S.B. & Jennie F.Hall, Kal. Oct. 22, 1910 Kal. Rev. Frank Roudenbush At St. Luke's Chapel; witnesses: Mrs. Thomas Millham and Mrs. S. B. Hall. He: 22y; she: 20y c. r.-2
Millham, Martin Kalamazoo and Clarinda Goodrich, Comstock Sept. 17,1856 --- Rev. E. Taylor N.R.I, 9-19-56
Milligan, Goldie b. Dec. 18,1884 Spencerville,Ohio M. Herbert Earl d.1931 D. Mar. 2,1946 Plainwell,Mich. az. 3-4-46 10:2
Millikan, Sarah Mrs. Consort of Mr. Jesse L. Millikan Jan.22,1846 South Bend, Ind. 36y :.R.3, 1-30-46
Milliman, Fred N. B. June 29,1867 Wexford City M. Maude D. Aug. 24,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-25-43 32
Milliman, James B. Climax and Mrs. Lucinda B. Pierce, Climax April 3,1855 Charleston Chas. T. Clark N.R.I, 4-13-55
Milliman, Julia Ann dau. E. & S. Milliman 1856 Climax 18y C-8
Milliman, Miron C. s. E. & S. Milliman 1855 Climax Sy c
Milliman, Orpha M. dau. James & Lysinda Milliman 1865 Climax Sister of Gertie Burnham C-8
Millington, Ervin Lyons s. J. W. & Salma Millington Apr. 6, 1905 Kalamazoo bap. Apr. 14, 1906 c.r.-2
Millison, Paul Vicksburg Mar. 28, 1873 32y 9m 3d bur. Lot 32, R.2, c-18 —18
Mills, ch. Geo A. Mills shipped to Ohio. was buried in Lot #314, C-14 c
Mills, Henry and Fanny Henry, Richland.. c. r. -4
Mills, Adaline P. Richland Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, May 6, 1843, on profession of faith. . -4
Mills, Addison Richland Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, May 2, 1841, by experience. C. r.-4
Mills, Alverdo D. s. E.P. & J. P. Mills Jan. 2,1873 Richland 30y "Gone where the weary are at rest." c-4
Mills, Ambrose Late of Brady Final settlement of accounts of administrator set for 1st Monday of March, 1841. Administrator appt., Dec. 5, 1838.** N*F 2-5-41 Co.R-3**
Mills, Amelia Kal Aug. 8,1873 37y bur. Lot #177, C-14 c-14
Mills, Amos S. Battle Creek, Mich. Ella Marsh, Battle Creek Apr. 27, 1871 Kalamazoo Rev. H: M. Joy He: b. Genoa, N.Y.; mechanic; 36y °he: b. Phelps, N.Y. 22y and c. r. -1
Mills, Annon s. A. & B. Mills Aug. 16, 1852 Climax 25y C-7
Mills, Augustus Richland May 4,1871 Richland 75y b. Sept. 6,1796 Joined Presby.n. Gull PrcArie,Jan.2, 1833, by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832.* 0 c.r.-4* C-4
Mills, Betsey Babbett w. Curtis Mills May 4,1867 Richland 50y c-4
Mills, Charles D. Kal Jan. 1, 1882 bur. Lot #459, C-14 c-1.4
Mills, Charles H. Richland 1889 Richland 63y b. 1826 C-4
Mills, Clarissa w. Deacon timeon Mills June 10,1880 Richland 87y Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan. 2, 1833, by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832.* c.r.-4* -4
Mills, Clyde s. E. T. & H. L. Mills May 21, 1859 Galesburg 5mo 1Cd c-8
Mills, Curtis Richland Betsey Barrett, Richland. March 22,1837 Rear. Silas Woodbury He joined Presby.Ch, Gull Prairie, Mar.7, 1834* C. F. -4* N 1-4-1-37 and
Mills, E. W. Kalamazoo and Sarah L. Wyckoff, Grand Rapids June 20,1857 Rev. E. Taylor N.R.I, 6-26-57
Mills, Eli T. (or P.) Richland Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan. 2, 183Z by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832. c.r.-4
Mills, Elihu s. Augustus & Eliza Mills June 18,1835 Richland Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Mar. 7, 1834.* C-4
Mills, Elijah Kal 1857 bur. Lot #459, C-14 C-14
Mills, Elira (or Eliza) Richland Joined. Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, by letter from sister church, Apr. 4, 1834. c.r.-4
Mills, Eliza ? (W..E.?) Powers and c.r.-4
Mills, Eliza C. w. Augustus Mills Nov. 10,1856 Richland 58y -4
Mills, Ella B. April 18, 1875 Barry Co., Mich. M. D. April 17, 1547 Vicksburg Kal. Gaz. 4-18-47 24:1
Mills, Eunice E. Richland 1917 Richland 76y b. 1841 Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Mar. 7, 1834* c.r.-4* C-4
Mills, Florence Gertrude and Charles F. Cole
Mills, Francis Kal. 83y bur. Apr. 26, 1901; Lot #320, C-14; 2nd from S line, SW cor., head tothe E. Stone vault. Remains from Galesburg, Mich. #2983. *Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Apr.l, 1838. c-14
Mills, George M. s. Timothy & Hannnah Mills Mar. 20,1840 Richland 3y 6mo.
Mills, Gertrude dau. Alfred & Florence Mills July 14, 1875 c.r.-2
Mills, Hannah w. Timothy Mills Oct. 10,1863 Richland 63y
Mills, Hariet G. Mills w. Elder Lorrin Mills Joined Presby. Ch. Gull PrFirie, May 1, 1839, by letter from Pres. Ch., Ann Arbor.c.r.-4
Mills, Harry Sr. B. 20,1865 Headron, Kent County England M. Vernia D. 20,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 7-21-43 16:3
Mills, Hellen Leroy Briggs Kal. 31y** bur. Lot #26, Sec. 6, C-14; Rev. Carlton P. Mills, owner. bur. Dec. 6, 1889** c.r.-2** C-14
Mills, Helen Elira dau. Augustus Mills, Richland bap. Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Apr. 10, 1838. Infant.. c.r.-4
Mills, Helen Louise dau. A. J. Mills bap.Apr. 4, 1696. c.r.-2
Mills, Henry D. and Catherine Leehan Marriage re-validated during 1895 by Rev. F. A. O'Brien and c.r.-8 (7) p. 107
Mills, Henry E. Kal Sept. 9, 1884 bur. Lot #459, c-14 3-14
Mills, Henry 0. s. Orrin C. & Caroline S. Mills bap. Jan. 19, 1867, St. Luke's Ch., Kal. c.r.-2
Mills, J.E. Kalamazoo and Mrs. L.T. Murphy Cooper July 11,1851 7-18-51
Mills, James s. Stave Mills & Olivia Shornton Sept. 20, 1867 bap. Oct. 7, 1893 Rev. F. A. O'Brien ,c.r.-8 (4) p. 183
Mills, James Arthur s. A. I. & F. H. Mills bap. Apr. 1, 1893 c.r.-2
Mills, Jane w. E. Lille, 1866 Climax 46y Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan. 6, 1839 by letter from Pres. Ch., Orangevill, N.Y.* c.r.-4*
Mills, John May 28,1851 c- 23
Mills, John Late of Barry Administrator of estate Of Ambrose Mills Hannah Mills was administratrix of estate of John Mills. Hearing of claims against estate of Ambrose Mills set for 1st Monday in Sept.1841 * 8-S-41
Mills, John Austin Kal May 22, 1881 bur. Lot #459, c-14 c-14
Mills, John E. Kal Oct. 17, 1897 bur. Lot #459, C-14 Oct 20, 1897.
Mills, Laura E. B. Dec. 14,1865 Dyffryn Wales M. Thomas D. June 15,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 6-16-43 14:4
Mills, Laurie Kal Mar. 6, 1864 42y bur. Lot #312, C-14 C-14
Mills, Lauren S. Richland 1892 Richland 14y b. 1878 -4
Mills, Lorrin , Elder Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, May 1, 1839, by letter from Pres. Ch., Ann Arbor c.r.-4 C
Mills, Louis L. Mrs. Kal. Widow Apr.9, 1911 83y bur. Apr.14, 1911; Lot #459, 0.P., C-14; SE cor, head to the W. #3644. C-14.
Mills, Louisa Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan. 2, 1U33; by letter from Ann Arbor,of 1832. (Name "Giddings" written after her name, by another hand. May be married name.) c. r.-4
Mills, Louisa and Marsh Giddings
Mills, Louisa Terry w. S. W. Mills June 18, 1885 Galesburg 76y C-6
Mills, Lucy See also mill, Lucy w. 1877 Records of First Congregration
Mills, Lucy Maria dau. Willard Mills, Richland. Bap. as infant, Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Mar. 6, 1836, by Rev. S. Woodbury.
Mills, Lucy W. See also Mill. Lucy A. • First mention on rolls: 1877 Residence: not given 1877 Marital not given Removal: not given From records of Congregational Church. Augusta (c.r.1). p.
Mills, Mabel dau. Alfred & Florence Mills Aug.10, 1877
Mills, Mabel Claire and Edmond Wilson Chase
Mills, Mabel Elizabeth dau. Ephraim T. & Helen Mills. Aug. 13, 1877. c. r. -2
Mills, Margaret w. E.T. Mills May 11, 1852 Galesburg 22y 8mo 9d C
Mills, Margaret E. dau. E.T. & Margaret Mills June 1, 1853 Galesburg 13mo. 2d. c-6
Mills, Margaret J. Cameron w. Elijah Mills, Kal Apr. 5, 1849 bur. Lot #459, C-14 C-14
Mills, Margaret J. Mrs. Apr. 8,1849 Kalamazoo 56th y. A? .R. 4-14-49
Mills, Maria and James T. Upjohn
Mills, Maria and Uriah Upjohn
Mills, Maria w. Dea. W. Mills Feb. 28, 1882 Galesburg 74y Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan.2, 1833, by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832. (Probably husband's name was Willard.)* "Willard Mills & Maria his wife" granted ch. 4 letters from above ch. Feb.
Mills, Maria Mrs. ichland Voted in as member of Gull Prairie Presby. Ch, Apr.4, 1834. At same time also joined Elira Mills and Minerva Mills, by letter from sister church.
Mills, Maria Upjohn,Uriah, M.D.
Mills, Maria C. w. E. Mills Mar. 7,1849 Richland 54y Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Mar. 7, 1834* c.r.-4* C-4
Mills, Mariette Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Mar. 7, 1834. (Name "Brown" added to her name in register of above church.)d .r.-4
Mills, Marietta and Charles B. Brown
Mills, Marvin s. Thomas & Laura (Griffith) Mills Feb. 2, 1901 New York, N.Y. bap. Dec. 20, 1918 c. r. -2
Mills, Mary A. and J. W. Danwell
Mills, Minerva and ? Lockhart She was member Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie. c.r.-4
Mills, Minerva Richland Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, by letter from sister church, Apr. 4, 1834. C.r.-4
Mills, Morrison R. Kal Sept. 17, 1887 bur. Lot #459, C-14 C-14
Mills, Myron N. B. 80 years M. D. January 2.1947 Kal.Gaz. 1-3-47 16:2
Mills, Olive and Fairbanks,Alonzo Before her marriage, she joined Presby.Ch. of Gull Prairie, Mar. 7, 1834.* C.r.-4.
Mills, Olive M. B. Dec. 23,1850 Dramen Norway M. John S. D. Feb. 27,1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-28-44 10 :1 G
Mills, Rebecca w. James Mills Nov. 29,1846 c-23
Mills, Romula ch. Orrin C. & Caroline S. Mills bap. Jan. 19, 1867, St. Luke's Ch., Kal.
Mills, S. W. Nov. 17, 1663 Galesburg 54y c-6
Mills, Sally Richland Joined Presby. Ch. Gal Prairie, Jan. 2, 1833, by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832. ("Barnes Stephens" written after her.name in register of members of above church.) c.r.-4
Mills, Samuel C. s. Simeon & Clarrissa Mills Mar. 20,1843 Richland 19y Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Feb.6, 1838.* -4 c.r.-4*
Mills, Simeon Joined Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan, 2, 1833 by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832. c, r.-4
Mills, Deacon Simeon Richland May 20,1879 Richland 85y Assecor, Bronson, 1832, also Overseer of Highirzys. For biog. see EKC-1 p. 483. Also, see BR-35 for interesting account. Came to Kal. Co., 1831, Richland, built first C-4 framed house in Kal. Co.; Pr
Mills, Sophie and William H. King
Mills, Sylvester Richland Joined Preeby.Ch. Gull Prairie, Jan. 2, 1833, by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832. Granted ch. letter, July 12, 1840, to Presby. Ch. in Battle Creek. c.r.-4
Mills, Timothy Richland Feb. 20,1864 Richland 65y Joined. Presby. Ch. Gull Prairie, Mar. 7,1834* Died in Galesburg, Mich.* .r.-4* C-4
Mills, Vital S. ch. Orrin C. & Caroline S. Mills bap. Jan. 19, 1867, St. Luke's Ch., Kal. c.r.-2
Mills, Willard Joined Presby.Ch. Gull Prairie,Feb.1, 1840, by letter from Presby. Ch. of Waterloo. .r.-4
Mills, Willard Husband of Maria Mills, Richland Pound Master, Bronson, 1832. Joined Presby. Oh. Gull Prairie, Jan.2, 1833, by letter from Ann Arbor, of 1832.)* Given ch. letter from above, Feb. 25,1838, to ch. in Waterloo, Jackson Co.* Also on July 12, 1
Mills, William T. Member 16th Inft., U.S.A. 1894 Galesburg b. 1882 (Think there must be a mistake here in dates) C-6
Millspaugh, Ellen B. Dec. 8,1855 Mercellus M. Garrett D. Dec.21,1943 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz.1-43 13:2 12-23-43 9:3
Millspaugh, J.A. s. O.L. & H.J. Milispaugh Aug. 29, 1871 Galesburg 2 mo. 11d. c-6
Milspaugh, Arthur Hearing of petition of Lucy Ann Milspaugh for probating of will and appt. of herself and Elnathan C. Hathaway as executors of will. Henry C. Bris, Judge. N.R.I.2, 10-15-69
Miltibarger, Francis Benjamin B. June 27,1881 Royalton twsp Berrien cot M. D. Dec. 2,1942 Kalama7oo Kal. Ga7. 12-2-42 17:6