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Udell, Clara L. Mrs. B. May 27,1867 M. D. January 2,1947 kal.Gaz. 1-3-47 16:5
Udell, Grace Neff B. (64 years old) M. D. Jan. 3, 1945 Whitefish, Mont. Kal. Gaz. 1-5-45 10:5
Ufkes, John (Pvt.) B. (22 years old) Kalamazoo Feb.1,1923 M. D. Jan. 19, 1945 Leyte Kal. Gaz. 2-16-45 1:5 2-18-45 5:7 3-22-45 23:1 2-7-42 2:7
Uitermarkt, Mary and Frederic Van Zee
Uldricks, Koeno B. Mar.27,1865 Gronigen Netherlands M. June 27,1942 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 6-28-42 26:3
Ulrich, John F. Kalamazoo and Christina K. Becht, Kalamazoo Thanksgiving Day, 1861 --- Rev. E. Taylor N.R.I, 12-6-61
Ullery, Charlotte Mrs. Kal b.— June , 1900 90y June 5, 1900; NW cor., bur. Lot #505, C-14 head to the N. #2914. c-14
Ullery, Harriet Eliza See: Harriet Eliza (Ullery) Mattison
Ulrich, ? Maria Jonkerman, Kal. Children.• Katie Frederica, Joelie Hc Gerrit Fredericks John Frederick, Elizabeth. C.r.-7
Ulrich, Elizabeth dau. Maria (Jonkerman) Ulrich, Kel. Sept. 26, 1901 Kal. C.r.-7
Ulrich, Emily and David Tatro c.r.-8 (7) p. 107
Ulrich, Frederick bur. in Potter's Field, C-14 C-14
Ulrich, Gerrit Frederick s. Maria (Jonkerman) Ulrich, Kal. Aug. 8, 1896 Kal.
Ulrich, Joelie Hendrika dcu. Marie (Jonkerman) Ulrich, Kal. Sept. -12, 1892 Kal.
Ulrich, John Frederick s. Maria (Jonkerman) Ulrich, kal. Sept. 12, 1893 Ka7.
Ulrich, Katie Frederica dau. Maria (Jonkerman) Ulrich, Kal. May 10, 1891 Kal.c. r.. -7
Ulrich, Valentine bur. in Potter's Field, -14 C-14
Ulum, Clarisa L. dau. of D. & L. Ulum Oct. 1849 Kalamazoo No. 180 of old SW St. cem., Kalamazoo c-13
Ulum, Nancy Jane w. John Ilium Feb. 22,1854 E.Cooper 37y C-2
Ulum, Peter Aug, 10,1852 E.Cooper Ely 4mo -2
Umbach, Nathan H. Vicksburg Apr. 1, 1905 lm 5d -18
Umens, John B Anna Aldrich, Kal.Co. Mar. 1., 1831 and Stevens Hoyt, Esq. Co.R-1
Unchwood, Maria Emma dau. George Unchwood & Catharina Monder, Kal. Mar. 5, 1875 bap. May 23, 1875 Rev. P. A. Tierney c.r.-8 (3) p. 102
Underkircher, Charles E. (65) B. May 6, 1882 in Allegan M. Henrietta - no date given D. Nov. 29, 1947 Kal. Gaz. 12-1-47 4:2 C
Underkircher, John Henry B. May 10,1873 Manchester M. Bertha Bennett Sept. 14,1899 D. (11. 16,1943 Detroit Kal. Gaz. 7-16-43 12:5
Underwood, Eliza Harrington Mrs. Kal Nov. 7, 1897 74y (73y)** bur. Lot #331, c-14; Nov. 9, 1897; 2nd space from S line, SE cor., head to the E. #2757. bur. Nov. 10, 1897** c.r.-2** -14
Underwood, Emma B. 77 years old M. Thomas D. Feb. 10,1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 2-11-44 3:1
Underwood, Frances Webb Arkansas City, Kans. Mar. 12„1914 68y bur. Mt. Home cem., Mar. 14, 1914; (No cem. record) .-2
Underwood, Frank Mrs. Kal. 30 plus y. bur. Aug. 1, 1886; c-14 (No cem. record) (See: Emma Gardner Underwood who may be the sane 7) c.r.-2
Underwood, Emma Gardner 1885 35y bur. Lot #12, Sec.1, U-14; Frank Underwood owner. (The names Willie and Sarah are also recorded here, but no data given further). (See Mrs. Frank Underwood who may be the same? C-14
Underwood, George kal 1847 bur. Lot #219, C-14 C-14
Underwood, Hiram Kalamazoo and. Eliza Patrick, Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Rev. Mr. Silkirk Eliza P. Underwood d. Apr. 11, 1890; 25y; bur. Lot #331, c-14. (See:Lizzie Underwood) Hiram Underwood d. Apr. 11, 1899; 82y; bur. in same lot. N.F.I, 10-14-42 c-14
Underwood, Hiram Kal Apr. 9, 1899 82y (83y)** bur. Lot #331, c-14 ; Apr. 11, 1899; SE cor., head to the E* #2859. Married. c.r.-2** C-14
Underwood, Hugh s. Frank & Emma Underwood June 13, 1884 c.r.-2
Underwood, Hugh Channing New York -City Mar. 10, 1913 bur. Liar. 13, 1913; lit. Home cem., Kal. (No cem. record)
Underwood, John C. Kal Oct. 1900 43y bur. Lot #331, C-14 ; Oct. 8, 1900; 2nd from 7 line, next to Robert, NE cor., heed to the E. 2941. American. c.r.-2 ** -14
Underwood, Lizzie Kal. 25y bur. Sept. 13, 1890; C-14 (No cem. record) (gee card of Hiram Underwood with note re: -17a P. Underwood,who may be his wife "Lizzie) c. r. -2
Underwood, Louise P. and Charles R. Snyder c.r.-s
Underwood, Marcia M. and Frank W. Russell
Underwood, Margaret June - 1861 29 yrs. 0onsumption At residence of James Taylor C-14 gives death of a Margaret Underwood,1860 bur. Lot #219, C-14. N.R.I, 6-14-61 C-14
Underwood, Marion Potter dau. Morgan A. & Jane Eliza Potter Apr.27, 1889 Kal. bap. June 14, 1924 c.r.-2 C-
Underwood, Pauline and William R. Hande
Underwood, Robert G. Kal June 12, 1899 47y (46y)** bur. Lot #331, C-14; next to 1 line, head to the E. #2868. American. bur. June 12, 1899** c.r.-2**
Underwood, Sarah and Stillwell,Elias
Underwood, Thomas D. B. (Age 93) M. Emma d.1944 D. Lee. 14,1945 KAlamaz00 . Gaz. 12-.5-45 3:8 12-17-45 17:4
Underwood, Warren Haines s. Frank & Emma Underwood July 30, 1886 c.r.-2
Undwood, T. J. bur. Lot *46, S. , Schoolcraft C-16
Unger, Ira W. 1897 E.Cooper 30y b. 1867 C-2
(Unknown) Vicksburg. July 6, 1903. Grave 93 in Potter's Field. c-18
(Unknown) Killed by cars. Vicksburg Sept. 18, 1900
(Unknown) Stone marked M.I. No. 92 of old SW St. oeL., Kalamazoo c-13
(Unknown) Mary (Foot stone) No. 94 of old Sw St. cem., Kalamazoo c-13
(Unknown) Our Little Charlie June 27, 1859 Kalamazoo 2mo 5d No. 64 of old SW St. cern., Kalamazoo --13
(Unknown) (Julia) May 26, 1854 Kalamazoo 9mo. "Our Little Julia". Possibly Sherman ? No. 19 of old SW St. cam., Kalamazoo.
Unseld, Helen B. Aug. 10, 1883 Kalamazoo M. D. Nov. 2, 1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 11-3-44 10:6
Updyke, Nancy Mrs. See also See also Updyke. Mrs. Nancy (or Nancie) 1879 Records of First Congregational Church
Updyke, S. G. Mrs. 1878 Records of First Congregational Church
Updyke, S. G. Rev. 1878 Records of First Congregational Church
Upham, Alice Emma Scull bap. Mar. 30, 1901. Adult. c.r.-2
Upham, Charles Mason May 15,1869 in Otsego M. D. November 22,1946 Kal.Gaz. 11-22-46 3:4
Upham, Edward W. B. June 2,1860 Otsego,Mich. M. Carrie Elizabeth D. Dec. 29,1945 Kalamazoo Aal. Uaz. 12-30-45 1:4
Upjohn, ? and Useba Giddings c.r.-4
Upjohn, Henry Dr. Kalamazoo (?) Millie or Kirby Dec. 18, 1873 Kalamazoo and c.r.-1
Upjohn, Alice and Wright Barrett She: b. Nov. 13, 1841; d. Oct. 14, 1920 dau. Uriah Maria Upjohn,Richland* BR-98*
Upjohn, Amelia dau. Uriah & Maria (Mills) UpjohnOichlanc Jan. 29, 1876 27y bur. Lot #36, Sec. 2, C-14 b.June 22,1846, d. Jan.9,1876, Canal Fulton, Ohio.* 7R-98*
Upjohn, Amelia L. dau. James T. & Carrie (Barnes) Upjohn May, 1890 Richland (?) May23,1890• Married a Mr. Winkworth Address (1927): Monroe, Mich. BR-67(2)4' BR-67
Upjohn, D. N. Nov. 26, 1896 bur. Lot #35, Sec. 2, C-14 -14
Upjohn, Dorothy Allan DeLano BR_ 89
Upjohn, Florence B. dau. James T. & Carrie (Barnes) Upjohn May, 1887 Richland. (May 20,1887)* Married a Mr. Smiley. Address (1927): Grand Rapids, Mich. BR-67(2)* BR-67
Upjohn, Fred L. s. Uriah & Maria(Mills) Upjohn, Richland May 19, 1857, Richland. d. about 1915, Huntington, N.Y. BR-98
Upjohn, Genevieve and Donald Gilmore BR-89
Upjohn, Helen Maria (M.D.) dau. Uriah & Maria (Mills) Upjohn,R101- land Feb. 24,1839 Richland d. Nov. 5, 1901, Kalamazoo.
Upjohn, Henry U. (Dr.) s.Uriah & Maria (Mills)) Upjohn,Richland* Jan. 2, 1887 Kalamazoo* bur. Lot #35, Sec. 2, C-14 b. July 22,1843* Richland. BR-98* C-14
Upjohn, Ida U. dau. Uriah & Maria (Mills) Vpjohn,Richlando Apr. 26, 1876 24y Kalamazoo* - bur. Lot #36, Sec. 2, C-14 b.Sept. 20,1851;* BR-98• -14
Upjohn, Ida R. Feb. 3, 1885 8y bur. Lot #35, Sec. 2, C-14; H. M. Upjohn, owner. c-14
Upjohn, James Robert s. James T, & Carrie (Barnes) Upjohn March, 1901. (Mar•28,1901)* Address (1927): San Diego, Cal. BR-67 (2)* M-67
Upjohn, James Townley s. Uriah & Maria (Mills) Upjohn, Richland Nov.- 29, 1858 Richland - Farmer; manufacturer; physician; legislator. One of organizers of Upjohn Co., Kal.; served as vice pres. & treas. & supt. of laboratories there for 30 yrs., then sold inter
Upjohn, James Townley s. Uriah & Maria (Mills) Upjohn, Richland and (1st) Carrie Barnes, Richland Sept. 2,1885 Richland Children: Florence B.; Amelia; Ralph T.; Ruth; James Robert. (2nd) Isabel Gilliss, Kalamazoo Feb. 11, 1921 Kalamazoo Address (1927): Kal. BR-6
Upjohn, Janet dau. William Harold & Grace Bray Upjohn Aug. 7, 1910 Bal. bap. Mar. 26, 1921 c.r.-2
Upjohn, Maria Mills Feb. 17,1882 bur. Lot #35, Sec. 2, c-14 c-14
Upjohn, Marion Lucile dau. Mr. & Mrs. Don H. Upjohn. Feb.12, 1905 id bur. Lot #35, Sec. 2, C-14.; Feb. 13, 1905; (placed in vault); bur. next to W line, head of grave 8 ft. from N line. #3215. American. c-14
Upjohn, Mary N. dau.Uriah Maria (Mills) Upjohn,Richlan4 June 18, 1840 Richlanu (Still living, 12/15/30). BR-98
Upjohn, Rachel B Mrs. Kal. UpjohnO(rtiA,M3)' July 4, 1905 49y Internal Abstruction. bur. July 6, 1905; Lot ;57, Sec. 6, C-14; 4 ft. from E line, head 10 ft. from S line. #449. American. '-14
Upjohn, Rachel Winifred and Dr. S. Rudolph Light BR-89
Upjohn, Ralph Townley s. James T. & Carrie (Barnes) Upjohn Sept. 1892 (Sept.10,1892)* Address (1927): San Diego, Cal. BR-67 (2)* BR-67
Upjohn, Ruth Kal. Apr. 1909 14y bur. Apr. 24, 1909; Lot #4, Sec. 7, 4 ft. frog N line, NW cor., head to the W. Stone vault. #3523. American. Single. -14
Upjohn, Ruth dau. James T. & Carrie (Barnes) Upjohn. tfea laer&) * 19a/ lza,y Kalamazoo* b. 1894, July 15* BR-67 (2)* BR-67
Upjohn, Sara dau. Uriah & Maria (Mills) Upjohn,, Richland Feb. 17, 1850 Rihland ? d. Petoskey,Mich. BR-98*
Upjohn, Uriah,M.D. s.Wm. & Mary (Standard)Upjohn,Wales * and Maria Mills, youngest d.Dea.SimeonMills, Richland. Sept.15,1837, Richland, Rev.S.Woodbury For biog. see HICO-1 p. 479. Children: Helen Maria,Mary N.,Alice, Henry U.,Virginia, Amelia, Sara, Ida, Wm.E
Upjohn, Urian (Dr.) Kalamazoo. S.of William and Mary (Standard Upjohn, Nov.23,1896 Kal. 88y. Emigrated from Shattesbury,Eng., July,1830. b. in Wales of English parents, Sept.7,1808. Came to Richland about Jan.30,1835, from Brighton,N.Y., by canal to Buffalo,
Upjohn, Virginia & ah Uri *aria (Mills) Upjohn,Richlar dau. July 8, 1870 24y Gaiesburg* 'Ppd.bur. Lot #36, Sec. 2, C-14; 1. pjohn, owner. b. Feb.7, 1845* 1 BR-98* C-14
Upjohn, William E. Dr. Hastings, Mich. Rachel Babcock, Kalamazoo Dec. 24, 1878 Kalamazoo Rev. J. Graham He: b. Richland, Mich.; physician; 25y She: b. Kalamazoo 22y He: s. Uriah x Maria (Mills) Upjohn, b. June 5, 1853.* c. r.-1 BR-98* and
Upjohn, William Erastus & s. Uriah Maria (Mills) Upjohn, Richland, (1st) and Richland, Rachel Babcock, Kalamazoo Dec. 24, 1878 Children: Rachel Winifred, William Harold, Dc othy, Genevieve. (2nd) and Mrs. Carrie Gilmore, widow James F. Gilmore Oct. 25, 1913 Kala
Upjohn, William Harold s. William Erastus & Rachel (Babcock) Upjohn, Kalamazoo Oct. 15, 1928 Kalamazoo 89
Upjohn, William Harold and s. Wm. E. & Rachael Upjohn, Kal. Mary Bray, Grace Genevieve Bray, dau. Wm.G. & Kal. Bradley Feb.20, 1909 Kal. Rev. Clement E. Upjohn and At 724 Lovell St.; Iffitnesses: W.E. W.G. Bray. He: 25y; she: 22y c.r.-2
Upson, Laura Elizabeth Kal. Nov. 1909 9m 25d bur. Nov.19, 1909; Lot #119, Sec. 8, C-14; 4 ft. from W line, head to the S. *3553. American. c-14
Upson, Sarah A. B. Oct. 4, .1866 &Item Township Y. DeWitt D. Aug. 28, 1946 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 8-28-4E 10:6
Uptagraff, Kate B - Oshtemo Apr. 1909 64y bur. Apr. 18, 1909; Lot f124, 0.P., C-14; next to Monument, W side, head to the N. #3522. -14
Urry, Frederick Charles R. July t3, 1870 Kalamazoo M. D. Oct. 15, 1944 Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 10-16-44 5:7-8
Utermark, Alice C. Mrs. Kal. Sept. 15, 1897 28y bur. Lot #12, Sec. 5, C-14.; NW cor., head to the 3. #2748. American. c-14
Utermarkt, Anna July 3, 1879 Joined 1st Bap. Ch. May 4, 1873, by baptism. c.r.-3
Utermarkt, Jacob Kal. Oct. 17, 1914 Kal. 70y Bright's disease bur. Oct.19, 1914; Mt. Home cem., Kal. (No cem. record) c.r.-2
Utermarkt, Effie Mrs. K81. w. Jacob Uttermarkt* Feb.19* 1910 67y Typhoid & Diabetic * Placed in vault Feb.21, 1910; bur. Apr. 16, 1910; 4 ft. from E line, head to the N. 3570.
Utermark, Ella Williams Chicago Dec. 1U07 ly lm bur. Dec. 11, 1907; Lot #12, Sec. 5, C-14; SW cor., head to the S. #3418. American. -14
Utermarkt, Minnie and ? White She joined let Bap.Ch., Mar, 16, 1873, by baptism. c. r. -3
Utter, (Infant) Kal. 1902 ld bur. Mar. 31, 1902; Lot #554, C-14; at the foot of Mrs. Stein's grave. #3040. American. C-14
Utter, Amanda Mrs. Kal Nov.21 1902 76y bur. Lot #473, C-14; next to the E line, SW cor., head to the N. #3076. C-14
Utter, Annie Kal Aug. 4, 1887 28y bur. Lot #473, C-14 C-14
Utter, Francis Helen dau. James A. & Iola M. Utter Feb.13, 1895 c.r.-2 L
Utter, Frances Helen Kal. dau. James Utter by second wife. Oct. 24, 1904 9y bur. Oct.26, 1904; Lot #473, C-14; edge 3 ft. W of center line, head to the N. #3204. -14
Utter, Frances U. Utter Kal Nov.5, 1904 bur. Lot #473, c-14
Utter, Harold Sprague s. Jas. A. Utter Mar.14, 1897 Kalamazoo bap. Oct. 8, 1905 c.r.-2
Utter, Leo W. B. June 29, 1895; Kalamazoo M. Blanche Betts; Kalamazoo, 1919 D. June 24, 1944; Kalamazoo Kal. Gaz. 6-24-44 3:7
Utter, Lloyd Elwood s. James A. & Iola M. Utter May 10, 1893 c.r.-2
Utter, Marvel Hazel dau. Jas. A. Utter ' Sept. 3, 1898 Kalamazoo bap. Oct. 8, 1905 0.T.-2