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About Kalamazoo High School Yearbooks/Alumni/Catalogues

                This database consists of selections from Kalamazoo County high school yearbooks and other sources. Priority focused on student lists and portraits. Copies were obtained from the Kalamazoo Public Library, Western Michigan University Archives, and the Kalamazoo Central High School Library.

Size of database: over 4,000 pages and over 80,000 names.

Kalamazoo High School: includes "Catalogue of the Officers, Teachers, and Pupils of the Kalamazoo Public School Year 1859-1872 with the Triennial Exhibit 1874-7", "Historical Catalogue 1859-1909 of the Kalamazoo Public Schools", the "Delphian Alumni Number 1883-1909", and the "Delphian" yearbooks 1909-1976 (except for years 1910 and 1914--if they were published).

Western Normal School: includes "Highlander" 1925-1966 (last class was 1966) and the high school section in the "Brown and Gold" 1917-1924.

Kalamazoo Christian High School: selections from "Purple and Gold" yearbook. Await permission to photocopy yearbooks at the Kalamazoo Christian High School library.

Hackett: await permission to photocopy yearbooks at the Hackett High School library.

                All work on this project was completed by Joe Ferrara who has copyright over this product. .

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